BP Ads (?) requiring a login?

Every time I went to a page this morning that was showing an ad for BP Amoco, I got a pop-up login box asking for a name and password. It refers to “mybpstation.gyroclient” , which is some kind of BP client login.

Really annoying, and I’d hate for someone to enter personal information that might be captured somewhere.

Screenshot here - BP Thing

That’s a miscoding on the ad provider side – they have password entry for the people working on the ads.

Just ignore it.

I’m sorry. It looks like one of our ad providers made a mistake that got through to the boards. We’ve already contacted them and they’ve said they’re on it/We’ll contact them right away.

We’ll let you know when we get this resolved. In the meantime, you can just click “cancel” and not worry about it.

Thanks for letting us know.


I liked Garfield’s better. :smiley: