BPD diagnosed.ask me anything.

I’ve BPD along with other mental health issues.
I’ve also been involved with drug addiction as a teenager.
I’ve had a difficult life abc I’ve spent the last 10 years in and out of hospital.

I was reading old threads about BPD and I was upset at how harsh the comments was and some experiences touched a nerve.

Any questions ask away :grinning:

What treatment has helped you the most?

I don’t have a question, but I’d like to say that you’re not alone. I’ve been recently diagnosed with BPD, and let me tell you, it explains a lot.

Just to be sure, you’re referring to “borderline” dx, not “bipolar”?

Assuming “borderline personality” and not “bipolar”, have you experienced having that specific label helping you? If so in what ways?

Would it have killed you to have spelled out the acronym in your post?

Would it have killed you to phrase that question in a more gracious way?

First question is what I ask in all this type of thread: Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?

Second question: How are you doing now?

Maybe he has BPD.

What has been your experience re mental health professionals and their attitude towards your conditions?

ETA: Do you have any experience with DBT (dialectical behavior therapy)?

Also, do you find yourself behaving as a sort of social/personal chameleon? By this I mean does your self-identity adapt to specific circumstances and people?

Well, he/she did say “ask me anything”. Plus the whole point of such threads is to educate others about the subject. So why would you assume others know what the acronym refers to?

It wasn’t the question. The question was perfectly reasonable. It was the snide, challenging way it was phrased (thus, my mocking of it by phrasing it the same way, e.g, “would it have killed you?”).

The same thing was asked in a straightforward way here

I’ve been to many Drive-By Trucker shows.

Do you intend on ever returning to answer any of the questions?