Bra advice

Specifically, my wife likes to wear tops that are very open at the neck (the collar lying somewhere on her shoulders), but she doesn’t particularly want bra straps all over the place. She is not averse to a teeny amount of cleavage but her main concern is to be able to wear such tops without bra straps showing.

So. What is a good sort of bra to buy her? Neither of us has any idea. I’ve done a bit of Google-shopping for “strapless bras” (haven’t we all) but was instantly buried beneath more different kinds of bosom-containers than I could ever have dreamed existed. If you people have favourites, for comfort and ease of use and price, that’d be groovy.


No need for a special bra- she needs to get to a fabric store and get some bra strap anchors. They are little pieces of ribbon that have snaps on the end- you sew one part of the ribbon down inside the top, and leave the other loose. Then when you put the top on, you snap the ribbon around the strap, and the strap stays in place.

 I had trouble finding them for a little while, so I just made my own, and I really can't sew worth a flip.  If you can thread a needle, you can make these things.  and it's a lot cheaper than buying a new bra!

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a strapless bra that is comfortable and stays up without lots of tugging. At least, I’ve never found one for my size (42D).

Victoria’s Secret makes a good one - I’m a 36C and mine stays on without moving or hurting me at all, something that I’ve never had in another strappless bra. It was a bit on the pricy side (about $35), but worth it. The quality and the fit are both great.

Don’t order anything online, because this is something that needs to be tried on first. Have her go into a store, like a Victoria’s Secret, and try stuff on in a few different sizes, even if she thinks the sizes aren’t HER size. Also, she can get measured there, too. A lot of women wear the wrong size and that’s why their bras are uncomfortable.

Cool. I’ve never seen a Victoria’s Secret in Glasgow, though. What about “La Senza”? We’ve got one of those.

Yeah…anything over an A cup tends to slip down.

This is my favourite. It has detachable straps and is incredibly comfortable with or without them. It’s a little pricey on this site, but I bought my offline, and it wasn’t as expensive.

Also, I’d agree with tamaraqueenofgoths, get measured and try a few different sizes. If a bra is uncomfortable, it’s likely it doesn’t fit.

you CAN get them online, but like I said, it’s a risk. I’ve never heard of La Senza, but if it’s the place most women go for underwear in your area, then I’d say they should have something that works for her.

La Senza is OK, but I’ve found that their bra sizes are a little “off”. The best place to go, IMO, to get measured for a bra is actually Marks and Spencers, and the larger shops do a really good selection of bras.

I would agree - another good high street store is BhS - they have a large selection, from your non-fussy basics to your sexy designer wear, and like M&S offer a free measuring service.

What about the bras with the clear straps? They aren’t as noticable as the others. I’ve only seen them in Spain, though.