inexpensive bras

I’ve had this Victoria’s Secrte bra for years.
It was $30 as are most of their bras.
I liked it cause it was strapless and I didn’t like showing strap, and I liked off-the-shoulder tops.
Problem is, it kept sliding down as theres not much to hold it up…
Well, I went to Target and found a wonderful bra that fits perfectly. It was only $11!
It was in yellow, green, and other hues, but I chose black casue I like black tops and it now looks like i have 4 straps, so its okay.
Really comfy too. And it clasps in the front.:slight_smile:

What’s the brand? Sounds like something I’d be interested in checking out!

Its called Xhiliration.
ALmost bought a yellow one, too.:wink:

The most inexpensive bra is my hands.:wink:

HAHAHA!! :smiley:

I wish I could wear inexpensive bras.
Every couple of years I go through the process of trying on bras at the store, but always keep coming back to the same darn bras over and over. The rest of the time I just order the bras I know I like online and save myself the mental anguish of trying on a bunch of bras that don’t do a proper job of holding these babies in place.

I go for the super-bullet-proof-absolutely-no-jiggle Playtex bras that go for 25-30 apiece.

Part of the problem is that stores don’t stock much in the way of 34D bras. 36 and up, yes, but very few 34s. Thank god I’ve put on a few pounds since college and no longer have to search for the elusive 32Ds!

Wow - did I just say “Thank god I drink too much beer?” :smiley:

It’s at times like this that I realize how thankful I am to be a guy. It’s so much CHEAPER.

well since I’ve lost weight (123 lbs, so far), I no longer have to buy the “Commie-Mommy era, made from eggcrate styrofoam, 6 hooks in the back, hold-'em in at all costs” bras. It’s nice to find the delicate lacy ones right off the racks without too much . And my favorite is my leopard patterned one.

$12. Sure beats the $35 right-sized ones but still uncomfortable ones I used to have to buy.

In the way of online bra shopping, I go for La Redoute (French home shopping catalogue), Argos Additions (British home shopping - it’s exactly the same stuff as Kays catalogue, but cheaper) and Figleaves (UK online shop with lots of fancy bras discounted. Carries Malizia di La Perla, Lejaby, Verdissima, Janet Reger etc).

I have the opposite problem as Motorgirl. I can barely find a 36A and when I do it’s hard to get one that fits properly. I am a fairly tall woman and slender by most standards, yet apparently cheapie lingerie manufactureres think if you’re flat, you must be a little thang. Right.

Oh yes. I was joyous when I went from 36A to 36B as if by magic. It meant I could actually buy the inexpensive and attractive bras sold by La Redoute.

34AA - now there was an annoying size to be. And I was, in my twiglet days.

Could I have some of that magic dust, Tansu? The only magic that has ever made me get near a B has been the pregnancy and nursing kind!

A friend of mine often laments on how difficult it is to find a 28DD of any quality. She said she spends WAY too much cash on bras.

I believe her. She weighs under a hundred pounds and I have no doubt that at least 10% of her body weight is boobage. Chalk up another in the “guys got it easier on this front(no pun intended)” tally.


I think I speak for everyone here when I say: I don’t understand at all what your problems are. I think you aren’t writing very clearly.

Fear not though! I have thought of the solution; Post pictures of you in your bra, experiencing said difficulties. I think this is a beautifully brillant way to illustrate your troubles…

Say, do you know what sizes those cheapy ones come in? I find myself falling in-between the bra sizes a lot of times… most ‘standard’ stores carry 32A-38D (going no higher than a D cup in most cases), but the ‘plus size’ stores generally start at 38DD and go up from there.

Guess what my size is. :frowning: If I had enough confidence in my sewing skills, I’d be making my own!

To Mtgman: A 28DD? Aiee! I have never seen that size before. The only 28’s I know of are training bras, and there’s no way those are going to be able to hold back that kind of boobage. They’re normally not even big enough to serve as eyepatches. I most definately feel for your friend. (I thought I had problems finding sutible undergarments.)

Psst! This may be of potential use to a lot of women here… Go to the website for Federick’s of Hollywood: they have a link to a place that will custom make bras for you, and their prices didn’t seem too unreasonable when I was examining the site. Odd sizes, one bigger than the other, strapless, convertable, halter style, no problem, they’ll do it.

<< idleness, n.: Leisure gone to seed. >>

Yeah, but are you supportive?

It’s also cheaper to just not wear the damn things. I have one, bought for 50% off (not underwire, thankyewverymuch), that I wear maybe once every two months, if for some reason I want a little extra shape.

Other than that, they are uncomfortable and inconvenient, and I have way to many other uncomfortable and inconvenient things in my life to deal with another one.

Yeah, 34A sucks. I’ve been having quite a bit of luck recently, however, with Lily of France - sold in most department stores, most of theirs are $14, if you can believe it, they come in a good many styles (although generally pretty utilitarian) and I’ve found a few that work for me and that don’t leave lines under tank tops and sweaters, while having thin straps for the tank tops, which is my big paradox. Plus, if you buy three you get one free.

Yea, I think she made it up to a 30 or 32 in recent years, but when we were in high school she was indeed a 28. She is not shy about discussing such things. Still, 32DD is a pretty hard size to find good bras in too. She’s five foot tall, under a hundred pounds, almost all of it chest and hips(classic hourglass really).

Yep, don’t envy her at all. My wife and I have discussions about men’s versus women’s clothes at times. I told her men’s clothes often look better because they can be designed one way and fit almost all men. Hang down from the shoulder, hang down from the hip. Men don’t have nearly as many curves as women do, nor are we supposed to accentuate/de-emphasize them. A man’s outfit on a hanger looks about the same as it will look on a man it would properly fit. Makes the designer’s job easy.


A 28DD?! Can women be naturally proportioned to those measurements? I always thought a woman’s bust was more or less proportional to her size.