Brain (mind) changes?

Anybody else getting to a point in their life where they simply don’t think about certain things the way they have most of their life? I have three examples of this in my own life (one of which I alluded to in another thread where someone was complaining about dental problems). Example #1: I no longer drink milk. I went DECADES drinking milk with no problems whatsoever. Glass of milk with cookies, making hot and cold cereal with it, hot cocoa - you name it, I’d make it. Now (or rather, “as of about a year or so ago”)? Can’t stand the stuff. Even the thought of ingesting milk makes me just about want to puke. Ice cream? No problem. Butter - all the time! Yogurt - you betchya! But I no longer can stand even the thought of drinking milk in any way, shape, or form. #2 - I’m no longer interested in going to the dentist. For the last 20+ years going to the dentist regularly was something I really tried to do because I was not blessed with great teeth (something I found out for sure a few years ago but that I’d had a pretty good inkling of for a good couple of decades). After all those years of going to the dentist, now I’m no longer interested in doing so (although the hygienist being - in my view - a bit of a sadist didn’t help). I try to take care of my teeth as best I can at home, but going to the dentist? Not interested. At all. #3 - Women. At least in a sexual sense. Won’t go into much detail on this one but I think I’m sensing a SERIOUS diminishing of libido. To the point where even with images of naked luscious ladies I seem to regard them much the same way I did before I hit puberty - with a big, fat “Meh.” Anybody else having (or have had) anything like these sorts of things happening to them? Are these things that just happen to people as they reach middle age, or am I experiencing something unusual? Input would be appreciated.

Back in the wild days of my youth, I would post lengthy diatribes on Usenet over a low-speed dial-up modem, but I still thought it worth while to add extra bytes to my posts by inserting those redundant bandwidth-consuming extra newlines, to divide the post into separate paragraphs. As I’ve gotten older, I’m finding more and more that I can’t be arsed with the extra keystrokes it takes to do that.

I no longer think of myself as young.

Haha, I chuckled.

I actually did notice that after my 25th birthday or so, my thoughts calmed down a bit. Before that it felt like they were going all over the place and I was over thinking things way too much.

Milk, dentists and women are still the same for me.

I’m with the OP on the milk thing. Nowadays I only have it on ceareal, and I rarely eat cereal.

Anyway, don’t think there’s much of a mystery there. It’s kinda weird that people drink milk much past infancy anyway, much less the milk of a completely different species.

And then there’s cheese. So we take this stuff made to nourish newborn calves, and ferment it until sort of coagulates. Ugh.

And don’t get me started on eggs. Undeveloped chicken embryos for breakfast? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

I, uh, guess we won’t be having breakfast together. :wink:

OP - ask around for a better dentist. Ask especially about one with a good hygenist with a light touch. People rarely speak well of dentists, so if you find one that several different people say good things about, you’re usually in good hands. My dentist is worth his weight in gold, and a nice guy, too.

I don’t care whether you start going regularly, but you’re going to need to go eventually and that will go better if you have one of the good ones to go to.

No comment on the milk and women, except that it might not be a mind thing particularly. It could be changes happening elsewhere and the mind just going “huh, that wasn’t much fun” just the way it always has.

So, I’m guessing lactating female dentists are right out.

As are white sadists who can’t drive…

As for the libido thing…

Have your testosterone levels checked. What you’re describing is EXACTLY the symptom for low testosterone. I speak from experience. :slight_smile:


Not at all. I think it’s entirely conceivable that we could have breakfast together. I would just not have anything with milk in it.

Actually, eggs are unfertilized so there’s nothing growing in there (at least there’s not supposed to be). And weasels LOVE bird eggs - are you saying that we shouldn’t be eating some of the kinds of things that weasels eat? :wink:

Get a general checkup and tell your doctor about your lack of interest in sex. For middle-aged men, lots of things can contribute to a lowered libido, not just the fad ailment du jour.

Get a better hygienist, to be found at another dentist’s office. Oral health cascades into all other health. Or at least many other areas.