Brak Show Appreciation Thread

It took me a few episodes before I caught onto the humor, but it’s gotten to where The Brak Show cracks me up. I’ve just recently gotten access to cable, so I’ve never seen him on the Space Ghost talk show or anything before, but I fell in love with his zany antics based on this show, alone.

One of the things I like about it, is that it pretty much describes my thought process throughout my entire later childhood, 8 to (sadly enough) 18.
…okay, maybe not so much after about 14 or 15

The second episode, Diff’rent Braks, really demonstrates that, from my love of simple pleasures, such as food (again, sadly enough, I do believe I might have broken into song when I found out we were going out to a restaurant I like) and the procrastination of homework indefinately due to video games, and of course the whining about that when it became too late to do the homework. I remember having many a conversation with my friends about going back into time to “kill” homework.

Anyway, screw that. What are some of your favorite quotes from the show?
I personally love just about everything that comes out of Dad’s mouth:

Dad: So, then I get a letter that says “Please stop sending devilled eggs to the Bishop.”
Mom: Maybe you need to change your recipe, dear.
Dad: My recipe is perfect! … The Bishop is a fool…

Dad: Brak, let me tell you a little story. Long ago, in the days when the buttery lobster walked the earth… he was RULED by the delicious crab.
Mom: Oh, don’t tell that story, he’ll have nightmares.
Brak: No, I won’t! What happened to the buttery lobster, Dad?
Dad: He was strangled! By his own bib… Many people suspected the delicious crab, but he was nowhere… to be found… unless that’s him RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!
Brak: OH NO!!
Dad: Look out!
Brak: (screams incoherently then hides behind Mom)
Dad: Aha! I fooled you again, boy! Go change your pants.

“Two hams will thrill him
Two hams will thrill him
Why don’t you feed him
Two hams?”

But Dad is just the greatest.

I’m a big fan of Thundercleese. Just the idea of a heavily-armed giant DeathBot living in a steel fortress the suburbs and carefully maintaining his lawn cracks me up.

And his fish Mr. Tickles was it?

Brak: Hey, what’s that over there?
Thunderclese: The Sword of Slaughter!
Brak: Oh, boy! What’s that over there?
Thunderclese: The Cannon of Fear!
Brak: How about that?
Thunderclese: Missiles of Unmentionable Terror!
Brak: What’s that? Is that a beachball?
Thunderclese: NO! It is the Battlesphere of Doom!
Brak: What do you think that thing is?
Thunderclese: That’s a lightswitch…
Brak: Uh-huh…
Brak: You don’t say…

Plus, he’s kinda hot . . . I think it’s the accent.

To do what I do best and answer your comment with a quote, Eve:

Brak: Hey, um, Dad…
Dad: What?
Brak: What do women want?
Dad: You’re looking at it, little man. Next question.

Brak on love:

“Love is a happy time all thoughout the universe. It’s when a male part of the species goes to the female part of the species and says, “Hey, you wanna go on a date?” And she would say, “Why, yes, I’d like to go on a date”…if you’re lucky. And then you’d go in a restaurant, and she gets something called a salad, and then he gets a big piece of beef that he eats. And that, to me, ladies and gentlemen, is love.”
But I prefer Space Ghost C2C over The Brak Show. And Zorak is by far the coolest.

Space Ghost: Here’s a wonderful Nugget of Joy, from Zorak.
Zorak: We’ve all heard the expression “It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby”. But, have you ever thought about how accurate that expression actually is? I mean, think about it. Babies offer practically no resistance, and they’re easily distracted. Simply say “Hey! Baby! Look at the nice doggie over there!” Then SNATCH the candy from their teeny little fingers and head for the-
Zorak: WHAT?
Ghost: That is simply despicable, encouraging viewers to take candy from babies!
Zorak: Well, ehh, I mean, uh - candy’s, uh, candy’s not good for babies. It’s, uh, bad for their - teeth.
Ghost: So what you’re saying is, when you take candy from a little bitty baby -
Zorak: I’m doing him a favor, for cryin’ out loud!
Ghost: Oh, come on! Babies don’t even have teeth!
Zorak: Eh - they don’t? I - I mean, I know they don’t! And you know why? Because they eat too much candy!

And my sig…

It’s good for me!
What’s my name?

Definately the best character on the show. Sealab 2021 was still the top dawg of all the Adult Swim shows.

I dunno about Sealab being the best. Aqua Team Hunger Force is pretty amazing. The Shake-Meatwad interactions are priceless.

I love the Brak show.
“I have liberated your swine! How does that grab you? HA!”

The beast episodes of Aqua Teen are better than the best episodes of Sealab, but Sealab is much more consistant than any of the others.

I believe yesterday’s show (which I will describe as ‘The Hump’) had the largest amount of Humans on any Brak segment (which, as you know, is set in a middle class suburban alien neighborhood, sometimes beset by giant hat-wearing Space Ants). This human record is reached even with excluding the steriod-crazed carneys chasing after Space Ghost (but including the redneck).

BTW, THREE Hams will kill him… I guess 2 hams would have only gave Mr Tickles indigestion, and so he wouldn’t have ended up in the Heaven of crowded nightclubs, loose women, and latin music…

Finally, ATHF consistantly kicks butt (although this season Karl seems to get multilated every episode) - For some reason I found the strange 2-D hell-characters (one with axe) calmy discussing their homelife while 2-D Master Shake ate the Bruewich completely hilarious (almost as funny as the various dialogues between Emory and Oglethorpe).

Sealab just needs new episodes. Funny ones, actually.

Last night’s episode was extremely funny, the funniest one I’ve seen for a while. The whole bit with Brak’s mutated dad doing the camel roar when he got angry was hysterical. And the Spaceghost cameo was good also.

My all-time favorite episode, though, was “The Eye”. When Brak’s dad challenges Zorak to a staring contest, Zorak gets repeatedly stung in the eyes by killer wasps. Apparently they were after his sweet, sweet, eye juice :smiley:

For some reason, yesterday’s Brak show just didn’t do anything for me. Maybe it’s because there was no music; I like Brak’s songs, dammit!

I’ve spent most of the time betweenmy post and reading your post singing it first 2 hams then 3 hams trying to decide which seemed more natural. Dammit.

Dad is the best…

No more of this! You need to get your feet off your head, and your pants to your ears, and go help someone who has no feet! Because the footless animals cannot walk over here on their little non-footed areas and tell us how hungry they are, now can they?
The nose is the fleshy hood orniment on the car that is your face
Just because a man may have as many hairs on his head as there are stars in the sky, it does not mean that he can plan a party that celebrities will attend, and enjoy, responsibly.

If he makes himself some pants out of chips, then he has a party, this i am telling you.
But Brak’s Mr Bock Ba Gaw songs rocked:

Friendship is like an ointment
When you’ve been stung by fifty bees
Wherever you rub it, it always feels better
Because it’s a topical analgesic.

Then later afer Mr Bock Ba Gaw is gone:

Friendship is like an ointment
When you’ve been stung by fifty bees
But even if I had some, I wouldn;t know where to put it
Because i have a hole in my heart in the shape of Mr. Bock Ba Gaw

Three Hams will kill him - check under Episode 3 (Goldfish) on this side
Link to old Brak Episode Summary

I have to say the exact same thing about Brak’s mom. Hubba!