Brand for soft sugar cookies like those used for decorated cookies

I see a lot of recipes for soft sugar cookies, but I hate to bake.

What I’m looking for a brand of sugar cookies like the ones you get with some decorated cookies. Not chewy soft, but not definitely not crisp or hard. Also, not very sweet, bordering on bitter or buttery. The closest I’ve come is the round (not the coconut) cookie in the Royal Dansk tin. The flavor is there, but the texture isn’t.

Have you tried shortbread cookies? Walkers is a good brand.

Is it possible what you’re looking for is not shelf stable?

Yes to both questions.

I’m looking for a sugar cookie which is less buttery than than shortbread. And all shortbread cookies I’ve tried are too hard.

It’s possible it’s not shelf stable, but they make soft versions of cookies like Chips Ahoy, so it’s possible. Also, I suspect it’s partly because of the icing, but I’ve noticed the bakery cookies tend to keep well, staying soft or crisp for a good while.

I’ve asked the bakery if they just sell the cookie without icing and they always told me no, they’re made specifically for making decorated cookies.