Breaking: active shooter with several shot cops [Philadelphia 8/14/19]

Again? There was an officer-involved shooting on a California freeway two days ago.

6 cops shot & 2 trapped upstairs in the building with handcuffed prisoners.

Reports are now that the cops inside the house were able to get out but the suspect is still inside somewhere.

I’ve read a bit about this situation and watched the commissioner speak. Since it’s ongoing it’s still kind of confusing. I think the deal is…

  • Police went to serve a narcotics warrant
  • Some police were inside the house when shooting started
  • Those officers became hostages
  • Other police responding to the scene got in a car accident
  • Some other officers were assaulted in the neighborhood
  • There were some non-police hostages at the beginning of this, but they were released
  • A total of 6 officers were wounded but thankfully no casualties
  • The police have spoken with the shooter and his lawyer
  • The mayor is pissed that the dude was able to stockpile this much firepower
  • The police who were hostages have been freed
  • There’s a lot of activity in a very small street/neighborhood, and he’s still shooting

ETA I’m going to report this thread to the mods so they can add “Philadelphia” to the title. So we can keep our shootings straight.

It will be interesting to read the full account once it’s all over.

Thank you for the summation Zipper.


I read that he was shooting through walls, which contributed to the injuries.

All 6 injured PD have been released from the hospital(s); haven’t heard of any civilian injuries.
I do have (one of my) Broad Street Run shirt with me; that race goes one block from this incident.

and now I need a “new danger” plan…locating safe places to hang out while the police barricade your block for hours.

thankfully this happened a good thirty blocks from where I am in philly. we had quite the crowd around the office tv. here is an article from the inquirer: , I can’t imagine what was going through the lawyers mind when she got that call.

the day care center did an amazing job keeping the kids calm and safe.

There is, unfortunately, video of people taunting the police and pelting them even in the midst of the chaos -


Not helpful, folks.


I’m just relieved no one was killed and that all of the officers will make a full recovery.

Yeah it’s amazing no one was killed. I guess three cheers for body armor and bad shots!

this link has a video from a ring system. the ring was directly across the street. the house where the shooting occurred is white with a bay type window. what is amazing is the person in the pinkish shirt. doesn’t even flinch when the shots are fired, just keeps walking, and then stands and watches.

What is a “ring system”?

Probably Amazon’s doorbell/video camera.

An electronic doorbell that incorporates a camera.

There is a whole home security system built around it now.

Don’t know about anywhere else, but they are astonishingly popular in Philly.

the ring system is very popular. shaq does commercials for them and I believe the inventor was on shark tank, but didn’t get a deal there. silly sharks.

it is a doorbell with audio and video that is synced with your tech to see who is near or at your door. it works really well.