Breaking the chains of mediocrity

My younger brother and I have been going to “Pub Quiz” night at our local watering hole off and on for the last year or so. They have a rotating quizmaster (I’m surprised he doesn’t get dizzy) and the quizzes are usually quite interesting and challenging. The number of teams competing varies from week to week from as few as four teams to as many as twelve, although most weeks there are seven or eight. We had amassed a pretty amazing streak of nineteen 2nd place finishes in a row, until last night. We finally broke through the glass ceiling and emerged victorious. I just wanted to say that this winning thing is pretty sweet. Of course I am predicting a strangely comforting second place finish next week.

Good on you, mate!

Congrats! I was thinking about you lately - wondering if you were still active here. Glad to see you are!