breaking up the winter dating routine

so when you’ve been with someone for a little while, you start falling into the routine of doing dinner, watching tv or a movie, maybe meeting up with some friends . . . what kinds of things have you done to mix things up a little bit during the winter months when exploring the outdoors or walking around isn’t much of an option?

Go to a hotel and spend the weekend together. I find it does wonders for the winter duldroms.

You know, the usual: playing Scrabble, fucking, clipping recipes, etc.

Go sledding.


Ice skating!

Buy some Nixon masks, knock over a few banks, and then run from the law on the back roads of the midwest. Build popular support among common people and get famous lawmen to hunt you. End it all in a hail of machine gun bullets with dozens of G-men waiting in ambush.

Its the clasic love tale.

Cooking together can be cheap fun.

How is it that exploring the outdoors and walking around isn’t an option?

walking around outside is less of an option during the cold and rainy seattle winter. being shivering and miserable not such a great time. plus, i’m talking mainly about how to mix up everyday stuff and it’s dark by the time we’re done with work.

snowshoeing is a possibility in the future, but i don’ t think the snow levels are low enough yet.

the crime spree though . . . that is the classic love story. maybe we’ll start out small, with old people and babies’ candy and move our way up to bigger and better things.

we’re going to a ‘flawed card-making’ party tomorrow night though and that should be fun. the host is supplying food, drinks and tons of craft supplies for making holiday cards. and i’m planning on starting up a game night once a month or so with some friends.

Are you saying that you’re bored? Maybe you should find someone with whom “…dinner, watching tv or a movie, maybe meeting up with some friends…” is what you enjoy doing.

Otherwise, I second the hotel idea.

Christmas is coming! Put up your tree together! Decorate stockings together! Sip eggnog together! Drive around and look at Christmas lights together! Make fruitcake together! Go shopping together! Watch Christmas movies together!

Of course, this also requires a great love for everything Christmas. Personally, I think it’s the most romantic time of year.

A couple Seattle-specific options:
Take the Underground tour, it won’t matter if it’s raining and maybe it will be warmer underground

The Museum of Flight is pretty good too. I’m not much of a museum-goer so I don’t know what other museums in the area to recommend, but maybe someone else would.

I have heard that Twisted Flicks is good but I’ve never been to it myself.

There’s also plenty to do at Seattle Center that doesn’t involve being outside - space needle, pacific science center/imax, EMP (if you don’t mind the expense)

Some general stay-at-home stuff: game nights like you said, cooking club thing where everyone/each couple brings part of the dinner, movie nights, etc. If you’ve got enough people, try one of those How to Host a murder games, they tend to take up 3-4 hours.