I love breasts, really and truly adore them.

All shapes, colours and sizes, I’m not fussy. :slight_smile:

If I was a woman I’m pretty certain I’d lie in bed all day and just play with them, nipples as well…paying particular attention to those two crowning glories. :smiley:

Again if I was a woman I’d be a lesbian just so I could get my hands on not only my own but others. :wink:

Yes it’s fairly safe to say that I go through each day just thinking about breasts.

That is all, I had to get it off my ::cough:: chest

Well, that was all very original.

Really, they can get pretty boring after a while. Although 'im indoors seems to be quite taken with the whole idea.

Dunnow, mine hurt pretty easy… trying to convince the bf’s to stay off the nipples is usually quite a headache, which means I end up with both a (double) titache and a headache.

Not fun pout

Jeff Murdock, is that you?

Like we give two hoots.


Have you ever considered breast augmentation? I hear it’s pretty cheap in Tijuana. Plus they throw in the free margarita or two. (No, silly, not that kind of Margarita! The drink margarita.)

OK, I had to look it up I’m still confused. What’s the other margarita?

No, no, no…you miss the whole point.

I’m a bloke y’see and I don’t personally want a pair hanging off my chest.

Nosir, I mean I’d get strange men wanting to grope and fondle me and do other things to my appendages

Capital M? I’m guessing a woman’s name.

I consider myself to be a very strange man. I don’t like large breasts. And don’t even get me started on fake ones.

But you don’t object to doing that kind of thing to other women and their appendages?

Not in the slightest :smiley:

I shall have to make sure that my perfectly-in-proportion-and-not-too-large appendages are never in your vicinity then - they’re too much of a distraction for some people!

I notice that you are in the fair city of Wolverhampton which is not a million miles away from the even fairer city of Manchester.

So if you’re ever in this neck of the woods…

It’s not often (if ever) that Wolvo’s described as “fair”! However, I’ll be it in mind if my appendages insist on taking me to Manc.

Eh, not so strange. I kinda prefer the perky ones, almost on the petite side too.

I was being a gentleman when I described Wolves as being fair, I mean I could hardly describe it as a poxy run down tatty place with a 3rd rate football team could I?

Not if I had even half a chance of…well you know.

drool, slobber

With a user name like yours I consider you a very strange man :smiley:

Agree about the fake breasts…yucky

No, saying it’s got a 3rd rate footie team is being far too generous!