Brett Michaels Hospitalized again for "Warning Stroke"

According tothis Brett Michaels had a “mini-stroke” they say is unrelated to the brain hemorrhage from which he’s still recovering. They also found a hole in his heart. Both were reported to be treatable.

Looks like he may not make The Apprentice Finale after all. I hope they fix him up and he’s back in business soon.

Geez, that guy’s going all train-wrecky. He needs to take a few months off and concentrate on getting well, and maybe hook up a daily home-care visit for awhile. Too much happening too fast.

Bret’s health-care emergencies for the past 5 weeks:
[li]one emergency appendectomy [/li][li]one brain hemorrhage [/li][li]one mini-stroke[/li][/ul]

And that’s on top of his diabetes. I think his hard rock life has finally caught up with him.

Well, that mini-stroke if it’s related to the PFO, would be a congenital defect, so that was just a ticking time bomb for him. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fix him up and he’ll be okay, because he’s definitely walking a fine line right now with all these second chances.