Brian Peppers = the inspriation for "Chucky"?

Scroll to the bottom.

Wow. That man definitely has the look of a killer doll. The yearbook photos at the bottom are somehow scarier than the more recent photo up top.
Please forgive me for that. I’m not making fun of his disorder, but sweet Jesus!!! I’m going to have nightmares.

What would cause that unhealthy gray tone in the skin?

Too much colloidal silver maybe?

I feel sorry for him. Sort of.

I mean, I know he’s a sexual offender, etc., but I cannot imagine the life he must have gone through. People flinching every time they see him, kids making cruel, mean fun of him, probably beating him up, and his parents either despising him or spending their whole life defending him.

Is that the stuff that turned a politician blue?

Yes, that is the quack medicine that did it.

Yeah, you look at his early photos and he looks like a happy little boy, perhaps with a bit of a physical malformity (look at the tiny shoulders compared to his head). Just got dealt a shitty hand and evidently didn’t do much with it. Probably thousands of handsome sex offenders who don’t have a Snopes page dedicated to pointing out how they look.

Forget Brian Pepper. What’s Brian Fellow doing on that page?

And how, exactly, does he look like any “killer doll”, much less Chucky? Killer dolls acheive their disturbing presence from their disarmingly cute and innocent, yet cold and detached stares, usually with the requisite happy smile.

Peppers is neither cute, nor smiling, nor innocent insofar as the case of “gross sexual imposition” on his offender record.

Now if you want to talk creative inspiration that can be attributed to Brian Peppers, then I encourage you to become acquainted with the works of one Brian Firth, a genius if ever there was one … [UNLINKED BY MODERATOR, BECAUSE NOT WORKPLACE-SAFE: http://www. ]

milkman by Brian Firth
Chucky’s got nothing on this guy.

You’re supposed to scroll down to the yearbook pictures from when he was a kid.

Saying that was disturbing would be a complement.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Was that actually inspired by Peppers?


That movie was cool.

anamnesis, that movie is … disturbing. And not really “workplace safe.” I have therefore disabled the link. Anyone who wants to see it can cut and paste and take out the space after the www.

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You’ll know for next time.

Beside Brain Peppers, I think on the Snope pages there are two other links to distrubing faces too. It seems to be a rare thing accquired from child birth.

If you think Brain Peppers is upsetting, have anyone saw the Vietnamese child affected by Agent Orange?

I know what you mean, but I don’t feel sorry for him when I think that the Elephant Man, John Merrick, went through worse and yet retained his humanity and gentleness. Some people are just rotten, no matter what they look like.