Who's a Pedophile?

This is to all the parents with young children.

Who on children’s TV shows would you call the cops on if you saw him at the playground?

I am going to go with Steve from Stevesongs. He not only seems like a pedophile but strikes me as an ANGRY pedophile.

The guy who does the old toys on Antiques Roadshow. Heavyset, pony tail, handlebar mustache. Perv City.

Nobody say Captain Kangaroo!

I was watching some old Mickey Mouse Club clips… I kind of wondered if people these days just hold back in there enthusiasm to be with children, and are too ridged; or if these Mouseketeers were perverts. I would hear people, (jokingly), say stuff about Mr. Rogers… I truly think it’s sad that there’s so many perverts out there, that it makes people more weary of primarily men, but women too, who just love children.

I don’t think there really are so many perverts out there. We just think there are more because the media celebrates the ones that exist. But then maybe I’m wrong maybe there are a ton.

:: pumps shotgun ::

Don’t worry, bleu ewe. I’m read to pepper anybody who does with buckshot. Also anybody who says Mr. Rogers.

I really don’t know. Hope you’re right. I do think there are a LOT of pervs out there though.

One of the “To Catch a Predator”, they had one of the “predators” come in with his cloths off… just for the cameras. That’s sending a completely mixed message.

Well, of course there are lots of pervs. There aer 300 million people in the United States. But a better question is how common are pervs; what is the density of pervs.

Define; “Pervert”

I don’t know… I get a lot of sex offender notices. Hear a lot of storries that are otherwise kept secret

That is, of course, part of the problem. A 19-year-old who has an sex with a 16-year-old is hardly a pedophile but may easily be in the sex offender registry.

I agree, I was even going to bring that up in one post, but didn’t want to derail the thread with a long post that had little to do with the OP.

Every last one of the cereal mascots. They all hang around kids proferring sweets. Many of them are known to be liars or have mental illnesses. I particularly don’t trust that goddamned Cap’n Crunch. When I was a kid in the 60’s and early 70’s the molesting SOB regularly put to sea in a ship crewed by nothing but kids. Was there a Mrs. Crunch? No. The only other adult around was the equally skeevy Jean LaFoot…a goddamned pirate! We all know about pirates and their sodomy, too.

All of the Wiggles.

And don’t get me started on Captain Feathersword.

HEY!!! I grew up with the original Mouseketeers. Don’t be talkin’ no smack.

It is sort of sad, though, that people see an adult (particularly an adult male) with kids and immediately think “pervert.” According to the Mouseketeers themselves (even the ones who wound up bitter) Jimmy Dodd (the adult leader) was completely sincere abput wanting to be a good role model and helping kids grow up right, and Roy was a good-natured old guy who kept them entertained with hokey stories and balloon tricks.

That said, I wouldn’t let my kids spend the day in Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Not because I think Pee Wee (the character) would try anything weird, but because he would be busy talking to the furniture while a fire broke out.

On Elmo, there are two brothers named Mr. Noodle. Pervs if I’ve ever seen one!

Keep your “noodle” away from my kids…PERVS!

Well … sometimes …

Cornelius C. Sugarcoat was another kiddie-diddling cereal shill. His name even sounds like a euphemism for anal sex.

…and the Freakies? Well, I think we’d better not even start down that road; this is supposed to be a decent work-safe board.

Heh, Steve. That guy sucks, and they always sandwich him in *right * before Sesame Street. I don’t want my kids seeing that. He’s like the result of someone subtracting all the verve, originality, and edge away from Shel Silverstein.

The Imagination Movers - all of them; especially the ponytail girl.

And Johnny from Johnny and the Sprites - I actually turn this one off, I cna’t watch him.

Anthony Wiggle, yes, Wags, Def, Henry the Octopus, absolutely (scarier than Jaws!) but Jeff and Murray are OK I think.

And Mr. GreenJeans. There, I said it!

Hang around the internet for a while, and you will start feeling like part of a minority.