Bride cake: life-size replica of herself. Ew.


And what, exactly, are your guests supposed to think or feel or know in response to this? Or, in your towering narcissism, are you unaware that you even have guests or that they have thoughts and feelings? Is your self-love so encompassing that you don’t even require the audience at all?


Personally I find it a little bit gross, but things like this make the world a more interesting place.

Very disappointed if it’s not filled with jam.

So that’s how you make Delta House look quaint.

I’ve seen that before but this is the first time I saw it was for a 10year anniversary/vow renewal. That makes it even more excessive.

But I’d like to watch the reaction to disassembling the cake. Too bad the head’s not edible.

If I had a cake replica of myself, I would find it off-putting to see the glee with which people carve chunks out of my doppelganger.

Man, that is like the Godzilla version of those cakes with a doll in the middle that were popular when I was in grade school!

It’s also reminding me of that Alice in Wonderland-themed Tom Petty video (“Don’t Come Around Here No More”???) where at the end, Alice gets turned into a cake and the Mad Hatter and everyone else devour her. Urrgh.

I would only do that if A) the head was edible and B) it was made of red velvet cake.

That would be 10,000 levels of awesome.

This exact bride-cake story is over three years old. Link. I notice that AOL news (and probably others) picked it up from that UK link as if it were a new story. It’s the non-SDMB version of a zombie thread.

Or if one could implant some kind of hollow gelatin or sugar contraption filled with red Karo syrup that would come oozing out as soon as the knife went in.

I have GOT to quit watching those “Extreme Cake” shows on Food Network :o

Yeah, that’s been on Cake Wrecks for ages. Because not only is it poorly conceived and in bad taste, it’s also pretty badly done. The big-ass line of rick-rack down the side of the skirt is especially egregious.

is there some sort of raffle or is it bidding for what slice you get?

have your cake and eat her too.

Little kid at the reception yelling “I want the titty! I want the titty!”

Who gets dressed up in her wedding gown to celebrate 10 years of marriage anyway?

Tacky all around.

Just the little kids?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point. Also the adults acting like little kids.

This towering narcissism *absolutely requires *an audience. The whole point is for others to see how awesome you are.

And to think, at this reception, everyone got a piece of the bride.

There is just no way to predict what someone will like. If it made the bride (well, she was a bride 10 years earlier) happy, I say go for it.

Her husband’s name is Innocent? That is the first time I have heard of that as a name.

I just assume she’s a fan of authour Margaret Atwood. :wink:

Any way she can jump out of her own cake? That would be really freaky!