"Bride of Peace" hitchhiker murdered in Turkey

A peace activist who tried to hitchhike around the world dressed as a bride to demonstrate the inherent goodness of people was found dead in Turkey.

Just when I think progressives couldn’t possibly get more stupid and naive, something like this always happens.

Incidents like this are the reason the Germans coined the word schadenfreude. I know this is horrible. But, like the dumbass tree-hugging hippie from a few years ago who tried to treat wild bears as pets and got eaten, I can’t help feeling she deserved it, and I can’t help laughing.

I nominate her for this year’s Darwin Award.

Nobody fucking deserves that, you sick fuck.

This idiot bitch sure did.

Wow, you truly are scum.

I like how you slipped that thing about progressives in. Slick.

You sure showed those fucking libs.


For wanting to promote world peace?

She may have took a big risk. But she didn’t deserve to be murdered.

If the boards weren’t timing out like a bugger today then you’d have a lot more negative replies.

Well, even though I’ve never seen you before, you’ve been around too long to be a troll, so I suppose you’re just a fantastically huge dick. Proclaming your joy over the murder of another person because she held beliefs contrary to yours, and trying to pass it off by drawing a parallel between treating bears as people and treating PEOPLE as people, really shows the sort of wonderful human being you are.

Now, this is the part where I’d say that the world would be better off without people like you, except that I don’t wish death on people who disagree with me, because they’re humans just the same as I am, and, well, I’m not an evil pile of shit.

Enjoy spending your life hating people and wanting them to die. May it somehow bring you happiness.

Seems the guy who killed her was even stupider.

You know, just when I think that LoathsomePolecat could possibly be more of an abominable, irredeemable shitheel, he goes and does something that proves him to be even more of a moral void than I had previously thought.

Holy fucking shit! You know, there’s been all sorts of discussions lately about people who are just plain wrong. Well, I can honestly say that I’d much rather have scores of folks who have been labeled with some sort of sexual ‘abnormality’ than anyone who could possibly hold the belief that another human being deserved to be murdered. Then laughs about it while bragging on a message board, and further taking pot shots over a perceived political stance and then finishing up by calling the victim an “idiot bitch.”

Wow. Hopefully, karma and schadenfreude won’t be in cahoots to teach a lesson to those who actually need it most, right?

BrainGlutton, please don’t go highjacking this and diverting attention from the person who the rightful stupid target of this pitting – LonesomePolecat.

Wow, it’s one thing to disagree with someone and outlook on the world, but to be glad they were murdered simply for expressing that difference defies logic.

What a lowlife.

Explain to us: Why do people deserve to die just because they made a bad decision? Or, hey, even because they’re an idiot?
Yes, it was naive - if not stupid - for a woman to go hitch-hiking alone in Turkey.
However, she wasn’t doing anything to hurt you or anyone else, so why would it make you happy that she suffered a horrible death just for not having foreseen the risks of what she was doing?
If I were going to wish death on someone, I’d wish it on the sort of person who would prey on a naive woman and kill her, not the poor woman who didn’t know any better for whatever reason.

I have to agree with this wholeheartedly. Thinking the person was stupid, OK. But laughing at it her murder? Utterly despicable.

I guess Jesus was stupid too, the damn do-gooder.

But maybe you’re not Christian, Lonesome.

No really, he’s right. It’s like when those Romans crucified Jesus. Fucker got what was coming to him. Lousy peacemongers all oughta be killed.

She was an idiot, definitely, and there is a certain irony in the fact that her story proves what she deliberately set out to disprove. I can see a certain kind of dark humor to be found here. But I’m not laughing, and I certainly don’t think she deserved to be murdered.

danbar’s got nothing on you.

Heh heh… hilarious satire of a “soulless, black-hearted conservative!” You might want to dial it down just a bit, though—“delighted by peace activist’s murder” is so over-the-top you’re going to come across as a caricature dreamt up by some raving moonbat progressive.

Otherwise, great job, and you might check to see if The Onion is hiring.

Wow, what a fucker you are, LonesomePolecat.

I work at a newspaper and, by necessity, try to find the humor in the tragedies I read about every day, because otherwise I’d be pissed off and sad all the time, but even I find nothing funny about this poor lady’s death.

Believing in the goodness of people might be naive, but it’s the way things should be, don’t you think? Comparing it to the Grizzly Man dumbass is just retarded. Bears aren’t supposed to be nice to people. They’re supposed to be predators. People have the ability to be peaceful and kind to one another, and it is a failing when we aren’t. She might have been overly idealistic, but she is not the person at fault here.

Or maybe she foresaw the risks and accepted them, which would still be a stupid choice as she had no reason to expect her demonstration would be influential enough to be worth dying for; but at least there’s some moral courage behind it.