"Don't be a jerk" means "Don't gloat when people have cancer."

Just the latest in a series of gloating over people suffering.

I think making fun of people with cancer is rule number one in the being a jerk handbook. So either the mods stop it now or never cite that moronic rule again. Thanks.

So anyone who gets cancer is off-limits from reproach?

I agree with the OP. I have, however, been known to dance happily on graves, but not while people are still alive and suffering.

Another rule of not being a jerk is not grossly misreading and mischaracterizing a really short and easily comprehended post.

Nah, that just violates the less-frequently quoted board rule, “don’t be stupid.”

If that was a rule, Q, it would end the posting careers of many of us.

No. But we shouldn’t jump for joy at their illness either. Knowing where this line is isn’t hard.

But getting this board to enforce it would be. I’m not holding my breath.

You’re an extremely intelligent person. Surely you understand the argument being made well enough not to supply such a disingenuous reply.

Rush Limbaugh gets this. Why don’t you guys?

Regarding Kennedy’s illness he said words to the effect of:

“While we at EIB strongly disagree with many of the Senator’s views, this is a tragic event and our sympathies and good wishes go out to him and his family.”
Why the fuck do some people have such a hard time with this?

I always interpreted the rule to mean “don’t be a jerk to other posters.” Posting fucked-up things about public figures is covered by other rules, if it is deemed harsh enough.


Well, just like the “jerk” rule, the word “consistently” is understood.

Why do you get to decide what passes for being a jerk?

While I don’t go into these thread and celebrate some scumbag getting cancer, I don’t get why you find this so offensive and why the entire board should be expected to agree with you.

Am I allowed to celebrate when Cheney kicks the bucket? I think he has done more harm to my country than any other man in my lifetime. Apparently some people feel this way about others.

Good Og, if that particular scumbag had died of one of his first heart attack, this would be a much better world.

How about child rapist, would it be jerkish to be happy that a child rapist got cancer? How about a pure hate monger like Phelps?

Are we never allowed to express joy in a monster getting cancer. Cancer sucks, but then so do a few of the people that get it.


I think that it’s pretty obvious to most normal people that gloating about a terminal illness is being a jerk. I don’t think it’s some random idiosyncracy of my own. And I think a good litmus test is this: would any one of you say the same thing to a room full of colleagues? At a family reunion?

I doubt it. The Internet gives people this feeling of no accountability for being complete and utter assholes. At some point you have to ask yourself if you want this board to be about fighting ignorance or just the kind of mean, hateful, stupid shit you read on youtube comments. And having made that decision, whether or not you are making it so.

No. I’m very sure that you should never take joy in the suffering of other people. This is especially true when you think ill of them.

Why? Because you are opening your heart to hatred, nursing and indulging it, and to do so over reflects on your measure as a human being. It is not an easy thing to turn off, and it lessens your quality.

Then there’s the old joke:

Young man goes out in the woods to work at a lumber camp. After a couple of days he complains to the foreman about the lack of female company. The foreman say “Yeah, we solved that problem. You see that barrel over there? Well, there’s a knot hole on the other side. Use that after dark.”

The young man does this and the next day he says to the foreman “I was pretty skeptical at first, but I can’t beleive it! That was amazing. It was the most incredible experience of my life.”

The foreman says “I’m glad you like it, because tonight is your turn in the barrel.”

I find that joke oddly appropriate. Good one, Scylla!

Wow, are you actually that dense? Seriously?

I don’t get why you find this so offensive…

It must have to do with my upbringing as a human being.


So, you can wish a horrible end to some scumbag who got arrested by the Justice system, but I can’t wish a horrible end to some scumbag who…

forget it.

Wow, you went back three and half fucking years to find one such example? I apologize for that comment (which I don’t remember making.) I actually hate it when people make cracks like that and am disappointed in myself.

But holy shit, did you read the story I was responding to?

It’s pathetic that as a moderator you’d rather play gotcha than explain how your asinine and arbitrary rule jibes with this jerkish behavior. The only thing your game of gotcha does is prove I’m guilty of being a jerk myself.

With McCain’s face being wittled down like a No.2 in an electric pencil sharpener during tax season, it might end all debate in the up coming election as well.

Sarah Connor: [to The McCaininator] Will these heal up?
The McCaininator: Yes.
Sarah Connor: Good, because you’re no good to us if you can’t pass as human…

Perhaps SDMB might consider doing what some leftist sites do and block or delete celebratory comments following news of the death or illness that involves non democrats.

Huffpo has already done this with its Novak thread as they have enough sense to be at least a little bit embarrassed by the kind of stuff many of its more deranged and politically bigoted members tend to write when something like this happens.