Bridget Burke

You not apologized for implying that I was some kind of sexual deviant.

What can I say? It should be obvious, but it apparently isn’t. These sorts of comments are beyond the pail.

I again suggest that you retract them.

It’s “PALE”.

Ah shit, I did “pail” again


Can I trouble you for a link? Or is this still about nonsense that happened elsewhere?

Post 15:


I’m not sure I’d apologize either. You come across as downright strange in that thread.

One more Texan, asking for a cite. And you thought Missouri was the “show me” state… :dubious:

On Edit: Frank dug up a cite for us. Let me change that from “show me” to “blow me.” :rolleyes:

I don’t see how. I would come across as strange if I was like that in real life, but I think that it is only reasonable to take into account that this is the internet, and necessarily we are all skewed projections of our natural selves. After all, I don’t buy ketchup online.

Don’t know you in real life, now, do I? The only thing I have to judge by is how you present yourself here.

I understand that. I just think that perhaps Bridget could show some leeway.

That said, I don’t see any reason to think that I was strange in that thread, other than the subject matter, which is not an easy thing to discuss sadly.

This is funny, since I was wondering how long is appropriate to wait to Pit the guest who’s topics of conversation have been, variously:
Anorexia is a good solution to obesity
Why can’t I find rape videos
How to grow opium plants.

I appreciate the sincerity of the Dope; it’s why I’m willing to pay to be a member, and why I’ve been so appreciative of my short time here. People who insincerely discuss outrageous topics are not my idea of good company.

Meh, it wasn’t that strange a question. As pointed out in that thread, Cecil has addressed a similar topic in one of his columns. I think it was rather unnecessary for Bridget to imply that the OP wanted to commit a crime. After all, the Straight Dope is good for nothing if it isn’t good for asking obscure/morbid/gross questions. Seems jerkish to go try and making people feel ashamed for asking, and imply that they want to engage in illegal/perverse behavior.

Haven’t seen those other threads, but the thread that was the subject of the OP seemed sincere. And who doesn’t want to discuss outrageous topics?

Again, you are confusing me on the Dope with the “real me”. It should be obvious to you why I am more interested in discussing taboo-ish topics, with the benefit of relative anonimity and an eclectic range of contributors than things I can talk about down the pub.

None of those threads have been insincire at all.

I love discussing outrageous topics, as long as there is sincerity somewhere within the comment. I do not believe in censorship of any kind, and would be happy to read about/comment on any weird idea that comes along.

But, when someone starts a thread with “I wonder if it might be better for the population as a whole for there to be a lot more pressure from magazines, etc, for women to be unrealistically thin.”, I have to wonder if he is truly serious when he speaks.

So far, I’m not so sure.

ETA: But I am clearly butting in to another person’s argument, so, having said my piece (which has been stewing lately), I’ll remove myself from this thread.

Mmm. You may be right, and perhaps I should rethink my gut reaction.

No, no, you misunderstand. He lives his life in a garbage pail, like Oscar, which explains his bizarre questions on snuff films, anorexia, and the cultivation of opium. Hence, these comments are “beyond the pail”, i.e. outside of his everyday experience.

I recommend that the o.p. elevate his social status by relocating to a Dumpster[sup]TM[/sup], thus giving him a slightly more volumous, but not uncomfortably immense universe to operate in. Someday, he may even climb out of Plato’s Trash Compactor and join society in full.


I didn’t think the OP came across as strange in the linked thread; it was a question I have wondered about myself sometimes, as I browse Youtube. All sorts of things that make me go, “Um” are evidently deemed newsworthy and hit the mass media, we’ve had videos of little old ladies and little old men being mugged and beaten, why haven’t we had actual rape videos? Maybe it’s the last social frontier…

And I thought the snark in Post 15 was unmerited.

Yes. Absolutely.

Perhaps not listening so closely to Chetoff would be helpful. :smiley:

**BB **was way out of line for the GQ forum. And she implied that he had child molestation fantasies when in fact he was asking about rape videos. He only mentioned “snuff films” as an analogy. It’s one thing if someone comes into GQ with a question that can obviously be answered in 2 seconds on wikipedia, but that wasn’t one of them. I’m with the OP on this one. BB should apologize.

To the OP: Protocol would have you place a link in the original thread inviting **BB **to join you in this Pit thread. Since you’re new around here, you might be aware of that custom.