Fuck it

Just ban me then, I’ve done my best and it isn’t good enough.

You haven’t joined yet, right? Just stop posting, and your guest privileges will expire soon.

You could break a bunch of rules all in a row, but what would be the point?

AFAIK, posters don’t get banned upon request.

Are you all butt hurt because your stupid “Series of interesting threads” wasn’t interesting to anyone but yourself? Stop being such a fucking crybaby.

Now now, that’s not the way to get a bigger shop.

Leaving so soon? It’s such a shame when you can’t take what you dish out. Perhaps someone pointed out that your postings are just too low-brow for comment.

You don’t get banned because your ideas are nutty. You get ignored or criticized. Sorry, you’re going to have to suffer as long as you continue to post here and don’t break the rules. Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?

Honest question: You’ve done your best to do what, exactly?

My guess is that it is trying to get banned so it can brag to its friends.

Come now, you shouldn’t get shepherds pie in your knickers just because no one else finds your analysis of the colors of the pigeons in Leicester Square interesting.

methinks you don’t understand the difference between a board for discussing topics and a blog to detail your thoughts at any given moment…

Once again, you’ve picked the wrong forum. This should be in MPSIMS with the rest of the “pity poor me” threads.

Asking to be banned? How low brow.

Bye bye.

If you had a bigger shop, we’d have paid more attention.

As an alternative to requesting a good banning, why not just…leave?

This is such a waste. If I thought I was certain to be banned, i’d want to go out with a bang. Not entirely sure I could fit a break of every rule in one post, though.

This is an odd question, but has it occurred to anyone else that maybe he is small and British, but his shop is normal sized? Or he could be from France, but he owns a small British shop?

The other possibility is that he comes from Small Britain rather than Great Britain.

It has in at least two other threads - but I’m not taking the time to look them up.

Maybe he is sitting on a bus stop bench in Wee Britain?

I too would like an answer to this.

I don’t really know or care about socks and trolls and mods and what get says on other boards.

But, if anything has ever jumped out at me as someone with a “grudge” trying to get one over on dopers, it’s you.

Of course, it looks like you were called on it from your first post here which makes you look even more retarded. And now you’re what. . .trying to save face or something? Succeed at getting banned?