You asked for it, BossK.

This thread isn’t going to have any funny imagery, any amazing prose, and isnt workt rating,l but I just want to speak my mind.
Bossk, What is your major malfunction??

You show up in a thread about a girl who was killed in a drink drive accident and say “why do drink drivers speed?”, and then say that you drink and drive, even when you know you are over the limit.
But this isnt the first time you have displayed your uncanny ability to post from up your own ass

Lets see, in the last month, and in the Pit alone, I found these gems…

When Ugly Girls Read , A quick drive-by, and a snipe on Crunchy Frog for calling him at it.

My 1000th viewing of obnoxious teens at Burger King , a lame, lame rant about teenagers acting like teenagers, including an uncalledfor atack on Caiata that went a little something like this

Unnecessary and over the top, and all because she made a fow good points that made a mockery of your OP.
And these are just threads You started.
What is your problem? why do you insist on trying to piss people off? Do you get kicks out of it?

Your opinion is your opinion, and I cant change that, but you should learn when to speak your mind and when to shut up. You are a scumbag, and I for one am sick of it.

Grow the fuck up.

ok, come on… i’ve read some of Bossk’s posts, and i admit he can be annoying at times, but who isn’t? is he really worth a pit thread? hardly. aside from his drunk-driving post, he hasn’t really been a jerk (that i know of, anyway) and i’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt about that one.

Here’s on from the toilet humor thread:

WTF!? Comparing black kids to shit is funny? Fuck you Bossk.

Anyone can be annoying at times. Most of us are annoying at times. Bossk seems to have a postgrad degree in being annoying in every. single. post. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that he posts so much in the pit, but I’m willing to bet that’s a big reason he ain’t banned yet.

However, along with his “annoying at times” schtick, he’s also a jackass at times, a moron at times, and asshole at times, and (listen carefully here) a jerk at times.

If you sign off and try to register again, you’ll see TubaDiva’s words:

“We have one basic rule here: don’t be a jerk.”

Don’t be a jerk. Very simple rule. I’ve managed to obey it for nearly a year and a half now. Spoofe’s been following it even longer, as have Crunchy Frog and TwistofFate, not to mention countess other posters who’ve been here for quite some time.

Perhaps its undoing, in Bossk’s case, is its simplicity. Should we expound on it for pages upon pages? Make would-be members take a triple-digit test to make sure they know what constitutes “don’t be a jerk”? Should we require them to sign an oath in blood swearing upon the lives of their family that they won’t be jerks?

Or should we trust that if someone has the requisite reading comprehension to get to the registration page, they’ll know what “don’t be a jerk” means?

Don’t be a jerk. It’s such a simple rule. So very easy to follow. The old and senile can follow it, the young and not-so-senile can follow it. Democrat and Republican alike (and, just for you, techie, Libertarians, too), leftie and right, boys and girls. Fans of the Cowboys and Redskins, Red Sox and Yankees, Maple Leafs and Canadiens, Jets and Colts, Bulls and Knicks, Lakers and Celtics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Full House, Small Wonder, Father Knows Best, Anime, Voltron, Revenge fo the Nerds, Friends, Seinfeld and Small Wonder. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, European, American, Australian, Christian, atheist, Wiccan, Jewish and Muslim, gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, and hell, even those who use toothpaste to masturbate! Every conceivably member of society drawn to this board seems able to follow those four, oh-so-simple words.

And yet, for Bossk it’s evidently the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life . . . that’s the only reason I can come up with as to why he’s failing so miserably and absolutely. It’s almost as if he isn’t trying, or he didn’t read the rules.

Do a search for his posts and you will find out just how much benefit he should really be gaining from your doubt:) I’d provide some links myself, but this machine is rather erratic, in addition to the fact that it is incapable of performing an actual search. Seriously. When I can get on a better machine I’ll have a go at it, just for you:)

i think i’m going to bow out of this thread. it’s obvious there are a few of Bossk posts i haven’t read, or in some way there’s something i’ve missed. so i withdraw my previous objection to this thread!

So long as I’m not left out… :smiley:

Kids, please don’t try this at home.

cite? No way I buy that in either situation.

Me, you dolt!:wink: That’s the ONLY reason I knew there was one of either.

Seems he’s got a problem following that. He has personally attacked many of the posters on this board, and to what end?
I don’t dislike many posters. If I do, I certainly do not make it known. Can you guess what I’m thinking?

“Ugly Girl” signing off.

Ugh. Allow me to pile on.

Many of us followed the Esprix/warmgun drama of some days ago, which resulted in warmgun’s temporary banning. Regrettable things were said, hard feelings were felt, but in the end, all was worked out. Esprix and warmgun made nice. warmgun had some private words with Tuba and was reinstated. He then posted a thread announcing his return, explaining the situation, and saying some very nice things about Esprix and Tuba. Very classy, I thought.

First reply to his post:

Jerky little jerkwad.

mmmmmm… jerky

But I was recently told that starting threads is a direct indication of original and constructive thought processes!

I like him. He called me “Der Cliquemeister”. I get all warm and tingly just thinking about it and it makes me wanna sing.

Don’t turn around, uh-oh
Because Der Cliquemiester’s in town uh-oh!

Do you think he’ll marry an ugly, black turd, romance reader like me?

Oh, waitaminit, I almost forgot! It’s against my personal code of ethics to marry someone whose IQ is below that of rotting cabbage. Another dream dashed.

Let’s not forget such gems as the following Cafe Society threads, all started by Bossk:

What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve seen in a mainstream non-porn movie? in which his OP is:

and Actresses who age BADLY which has this OP:

and also Who are the skankiest mainstream actresses alive? in which his OP is:

These threads are not examples of jerkinesh per se, but they do give us insight into just what kind of person Bossk is. It seems every time Bossk opens his mouth, something offensive comes out. Either Stellar threads or stupid drive-by sniping at other posters. Not much would be lost if he were gone.

He’s up to it again.

Thank you, Twist - if I hadn’t been so tired last night, I would have started this thread myself.

People have already chimed in with several examples of Bossk’s witty reparte, but I’ll add a few more from my perspective.

I hadn’t even noticed the little cretin until I saw him reference my own web page in the “Ridiculously tacky web pages” thread. Um, ok - you don’t like my web page (gives him “the willies” and finds it “inherently disturbing”). But did you really think mentioning it here on the SDMB was going to go unnoticed?

So, yeah, he was one of the whiny little pissants I was asking to step off in my “Please stop picking fights with me” thread. Of course, he had to chime in, just to make sure I hadn’t missed him. :rolleyes:

And, as mentioned, the unprovoked swipe at warmgun wasn’t overlooked, either. What was your point, anyway, cumwad?

His latest drive-by snipe was in my “My happiness is not dependent upon being in a relationship” thread:

At this point I’m wondering what has provoked our little Star Wars neophyte into prodding me into noticing him - and noticing him in a bad way. You’d think after spending time in The Pit he’d see that I know my way around with a flamethrower, yet he persists - go fig.

But I also notice he seems to have a hard-on for SPOOFE for reasons unknown (I’ll let SPOOFE make whatever references he likes). When I call him on that here, he responds with:

So, as I did with warmgun, I’ll give you the opportunity here, Bossk - what’s your fucking damage?


Oh, just admit it, Ginger.

You want him.

It looks to me like bossk is trying to be the “irreverent, witty carmudgeon of the Straight Dope.”

Could someone please tell him he doesn’t have the necessary ingredients for the job?

I’d do it, but I don’t really want to talk to the shmuck.

Dude. I want him like I want Stockwell Day as Prime Minister.