And the SDMB Kiss-Ass-of-the-Year Award goes to....

With all due respect to Fenris

You know, after reading these posts I stop and wonder how Slip, a cop, could have so much free time on his hands, and then it hits ya.

Lets see…372 posts…joined 6-26-01…has only started eight (8!) new threads (five of which are in Mundane POINTLESS Stuff, two (tests no less) in ATMB and one in the Pit)…thats only (…Buddhadog gets out pencil…) 2.15053% time spent on original thinking and constructing-Bah, it doesnt really matter. However, what really makes me wonder is not how he finds the time but more importantly, how can he see his monitor with his nose so far up everyones collective ass!!!

Man, and I thought our cops had it rough! :stuck_out_tongue:

hm. I don’t know if you’re joking. But I love Slip.

I think he’s great.



Common sense in every one of those posts. How dare he.

Maybe, as a cop, when he sees people bitching about those with the responsibility of ‘policing’ the board he gets a little tired of the same old schtick. Ya think?

Who exactly is he supposed to be sucking up to? The mods, or “the clique”? Isn’t Libertarian part of “the clique”? Is Fenris part of “the clique”?

Sorry, I got lost somewhere in there.

I’ve started ZERO threads. So?

Yeah, so I like the guy.

So who is Slip? Did I miss something? Am I having a blonde moment? Does anyone care?

Buddha - You’re kidding right?

I have nothig against Slip except that he roots for those godless Leafs and as far as I can see, his nose isn’t up my ass.

He’s got that distinctive Canadian posting style too.

So despite his choice of teams, I like him and if Leafs fans and Habs fans can get along there’s hope for us all.

Ultress - I care and more importantly…how the hell are you?

You get your first Pit thread ! Congratulation Slip [sub]even if you’re a Torontonian[/sub] :stuck_out_tongue:

Really, I like the guy too, he’s witty, funny and he makes sense. Also, he has a low threshold for bullshit, if that makes him a sycophant, then we nedd more like him.

ultress, the OP target is Slip Mahoney.


Slip is going to be pleased, it looks like he’s got his very own appreciation thread right here in the Pit.

He’s such a whore for attention. :slight_smile:

ducks and runs

Aw, shit. I wanted the award this year.

Since I think I may have started eight threads in the past year.

Damn, I thought this one was going to be me. Hell, half my posts are just me saying ‘God damn, that was funny. I love this guy/gal’ or somesuch.

Slip beats me, eh? Well, we’re both T’ronntonians, and Leafs fans, so I can accept the defeat. I’ll buy you a beer sometime, Slip. Congrats.

Fucking weirdo Easterners. Liking the Leafs and shit.

If I wasn’t so busy kicking Mnementh in the nads, I’d do Slip. What’s the problem, BuddhaDog? There are a lot of prolific posters here who don’t start threads. Whether someone posts in GD or MPSIMS should not be any of your concern. If you have a problem with his posts, don’t read them.

We are supposed to be a community. In every community there are people you don’t like and/or appreciate but come on, don’t go spouting off like that.

I loves me some Slip. Even though he is a godless Leafs fan.

Just a quick question:

If we kiss Slip’s ass in this thread, will the thread evaporate in a puff of logic?

I have read some of Slip’s posts, and I don’t see the Kiss-Ass you see there. I mean, if the guy likes the way things are run here, he’s allowed to say so. I don’t think only people who voice dissenting opinions should be allowed a voice.

We all know that Canada, like OZ, and the female clitoris, is a myth, a magical mysterious place with no Movie Industry but all the bacon you can eat. These “snowbacks” take a beautiful game like Lacrosse and start playing on ice, only now it is called Hauq-éé. But like all good Americans, we take a foreign product and make it better, so all real hockey fans shall now root for the Bruins or the Hawks. Hockey should never, ever, be played in places like Nashville, Carolina, Atlanta, TampaB- hell- The entire Eastern Conference/Southeast Division and the Western Conference/Pac Division.

Now back to the topic.

Its the way Slip can not put together a paragraph. All flare and no substance.

Whats with the spacing between each sentence? Harumph! Isn’t this illegal on some MB’s? (If not- it damn well should be).

And what he said about “setting his watch to the next what’s with the mods here” thread is completely ironic.

On every single one of those threads we have Slip throwing his .02¢ around.

Slip says “There are assholes, and there are assholes. This guy is both.” WOW! (He’s probalby referring to me, there) Talk about your understanding of Confucianism!

Just a quick open question to the rest of the SDMB community here: Who’s been assigned to post the completely illogical, unsolicited, trollish critique of my posting history? Because I’d love to see a bunch of my posts quoted with absolutely no context given, general assumptions made about my professional habits, and have someone pick a fight with me without giving any specifics whatsoever. And as a bonus, I’d love to see it done in such an ugly coded manner and with as many grammatical mistakes made as possible.

But, as BuddhaDog so elequently puts it, “Bah, it doesnt really matter.”

Ten bucks says I have an even lower percentage. So you believe that the only way a person can have “original thinking and constructing” is by starting new threads? Fuck off, toilet trout, you know not of what you speak. I can go find a shitload of threads that are hardly examples of “original thinking and constructing”. And I can go find a shitload of posts that were NOT the OP to a thread that are excellent examples of “original thinking and constructing”.

Let’s take a look at your OP, for example. It’s the standard “you’re a suck-up!” insult that’s been hurled around since grade school. The vast majority of it consists of words that someone else said. Of the words that are original, the primary point is fatally flawed. Ergo, you are, without a doubt, wronger than the wrongest wrongdoer that has ever wronged.

Pot? Kettle? :rolleyes:

Pot? Kettle? :rolleyes:

Oops. sigh

Add me to the list of Slip admirers. I have gazed on him from afar, and bowed down at his brilliance, and wiped the drool from my chin… o.k, that’s probably enough.

Oh, and yeah, I second everything Munch said about quoting the legend out of context… then again, even out of context, I was agreeing with him !

Which is exactly what everyone does in every thread they post to…

I like Slip. I like that he is the voice of common sense - at least, that’s how I’ve identified him for the past few months, anyway. He’s smart, and I like what he has to say. When I spot his name, I look forward to reading what he has to say.

Maybe you should clarify so we don’t make the mistake of stepping on your toes again: defending the Mods is uncool? It makes you a kiss-ass? A suck-up? Does he have a little something brown on his nose? I bet Slip wears really out-of-style shoes, too, and I bet he doesn’t wear his hair in the really cool new style, either.

I’m sorry, what grade are we in again? I must be mistaken, I was sure I graduated high school a few years ago.

Now, BuddhaDog, I’m not going to tell you my opinion of you, based on what I’ve seen on these Boards, because I highly doubt you care. Do you? Why do you think Slip cares what you think of him?

You better not be kissing my ass, or else I’ll be forced to put spaces between my sentences, or post something pointless in MPSIMS. So watch it!