Blow it out your ass, The Ryan

This is in response to your fucking stupid admonition, to wit:

Where it was quite clear that my attitude was, and still is, appropriate.

This is in the thread,

Well… I think the “attitude” he was referring to was your direct statement that the poster you were responding to (Hemlock) was being “racist” which is kind of a stink bomb to lob in a GD thread unless there is some direct evidence of this other than some degree of annoying cultural obtuseness. I saw Hemlock pressing your buttons like a three year old playing “Whack a Mole” and being deliberately provocative with you but I didn’t quite see “racism”.

You obviously got pissed when he called your argument “crap” but you were a bit over the top with the racism comment and got called on it by The Ryan.

You really should have addressed this in GD. There was no need to bring this to The Pit. Now you look like a sulking baby, which is ironic because your argument was superior.

Actually, I brought this to the Pit so I could use the curse word.

Regardless of the “stinkbombness” of the comment, Hemlock was being racist. The cues: “they are” and his posting of unsubstantiated opinions about Japan’s military as though they are Facts From On High[sup]TM[/sup]*. Also, IMHO, Hemlock was backpedalling on the “uniform” comment. It’s fine and dandy to say, “I was just joking.” Excpet, of course, when the rest of the post pretty well proves that it wasn’t a joke.

*"Whose trademark is that, you ask? Why, mine of course! Actually, it’s not; however, I just wanted to be the first to accuse me of it.

I saw Hemlock pushing your buttons, too, Monty. :wink: And, FWIW, I also thought this–“Japan needs to become a “normal” country”–came across, if not exactly as “racist”, still as, well, what’s the word I want? Bigoted? Prejudiced? Clearly it means that the Japanese are not “normal”, and they need to become “normal”.

Which I disagreed with strongly, but it being the sort of GD thing I don’t normally touch with a 10-foot pole, because it always ends in tears, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for calling him on it, even if you did have to use the “R” word and piss off The Ryan.

Well worth it, IMO. :smiley:

And now I am going to yield to temptation and go look for Prussian uniforms.

“Google in the morning,
Google in the evening,
Google at supper–TIIIIME…”


FYI, I had already pointed out how racist Hemlock’s “argument” was in that thread long before he chimed in with the “crap” comment.

I notice that The Ryan is always quick to criticize and admonish people for their behavior, and yet is seemingly incapable of holding his own in check. Curious.

Yeah, the Pit ain’t fun without a pile-on. Right, 'Fridge?

Hey, Toy. Where ya been? I was starting to think you weren’t stalkin’ me no more.

“Fridge”? :confused:

Anth, I hate to be the person to break the news to you, but Spoofe is a fraud. Rather than the theatre working masturbation specialist he claims to be, Spoofe is in fact an Internet Enabled Fridge..

Oh, sorry. I’ve forgotten that you puckish dopers don’t register any event that happened before 1989.

Like SPOOFE, William “Refrigerator” Perry had an intense skin problem.

Like SPOOFE, William Perry was court-ordered to get in touch with his anger.

Like SPOOFE, William Perry liked to pile on.

Unlike SPOOFE, William Perry won a Superbowl ring for his resilience.

Read about it here at:

and another personal attack.

Puckish? :confused: Maybe I just didn’t get an obscure football reference. I remember the Chicago Bears One Year Of Glory, including that offensive music video they made. I just don’t automatically connect “Fridge” with “SPOOFE”.

UGH!!! Before you start on the “all he ever posts are personal attack” thread again…

Maybe you should read ALL his posts and not just the ones you don’t like.

Many of them are simple opinion statements or questions.

The glass really isn’t even half empty for you, is it, Twist? Nah, it’s closer to nothing left but backwash, huh?



How about a big hand :slight_smile: for Senor Wences… :frowning:


Not for nothing, **Devil May Care, ** but are you by any chance Bossk’s attorney?

Nope. Why? You think he’s got a chance at a defamation of character case? Hmmm, maybe…

I’m just getting tired of perusing the boards (I don’t read every thread, just the ones with subject lines that interest me) and finding more accusations flying. Especially when by using the same manner of viewing (reading threads with subject lines that interest me) I manage to find many of Bossk’s less “barbing” posts.

IMO, Twist has licked all the meat and juices off that bone, and he needs to bury it and leave it there.

Having actually met Twisty, I can say without fear of contradiction from others that have also met him that he is one of the most pleasant, cheerful, happy-go-lucky, merry and sociable people I have ever met. His glass is never empty, nor is it half-so. For he always has another two stacked up ready to go.

And yet he seems to take offence to one poster, who seemingly has never posted anything but polemic.

I wonder why.


Hmmm… Bossk annoys quite a few people but is quite clever in some of his posts, especially with respect to some of his pithier replies.

So are you.

My beef is in the statement that “…he seems to take offense (spelling correction mine) to one poster, who seemingly has never posted anything but polemic.”

That’s just not the case, and that’s my point. If someone is going to accuse another someone of posting nothing but garbage, the first someone should do his/her homework and make sure that is ALL said someone ever posts.

I would certainly not say that ALL Twist ever posts are “proofs” of Bossk’s attacks, for that is certainly not so. But it is my belief that he needs to get over it now and, as I stated, bury the damn bone.