Bright and Shiny!

Am I the only one who just loves Bright and Shiny!

I guess so.

That was IMO a very underrated movie. Plus it had a very early appearance by Zach Galifianakis, who was one of the highlights of the movie IMO.

Bright and Shiny always reminded me of Hooray for Everything from the Simpsons. Not sure if that’s the original clip or not.


Agreed. I really liked it.

The seem to be like the real life Up with People group.

So you’re the other Bubble Boy fan! I always bring this movie up in threads here about “bad movies you like.” But I don’t really think it’s bad. It cracks me up. Gyllenhaal is surprisingly good with the comedy and all of the other characters are a trip. “Bright and Shiny” is my favorite part of the movie.