Brilliant Belgian Things

Discoveries of the last 3 weeks in this Flemish corner of Belgium:

  1. Boterwafels. They are BETTER than stroopwafels. Soem of you will cry “No, that’s impossible, you silly moron! you hallucinate!” Yet I insist it is so. Imagine everything that is good and true about stroopwafels AND those english shortbread cookies, combined. Mmm.
  2. Straffe Hendrick, from the Halve Maan brewery in Bruges. Mmm. But my FAVORITE beer of all time must remain
  3. Rodenbach. The type is apparently called a “sour beer” as after it ferments instead of bottling/ kegging they toss it into oak barrels for another 2 years after letting it catch some wild yeasts. Hooray for wild yeast! Lang zal ze leven in de Gloria!
  4. Uitsmijter. This is an open-faced grilled egg sandwich with ham/speck/canadian bacon/ whatever you call it and farmer’s cheese. Mmmm. You can feel your arteries getting bigger and stronger as you eat this thing.
  5. Nelhaus pralines, of the hazelnutty sort. Mmm.
  6. Grapefruit/pomello Fanta

What am I missing? Any other recommendations, while I’m gaining weight?
Just had to share. This is my way of checking in.

Avoid the draft horses and the lace?

My entire experience with Belgium consists of a train ride through it in the middle of the night on the way to Paris. I have tried Belgian frites in Amsterdam (I know, not exactly true Belgian, but as close I’ve come). They were the best examples of what we Americans would call french fries.

Boterwafels better than stroopwafels? That must be pretty good. As you said, I have a hard time believing it, but will trust you.

I almost forgot, when one of my housemate’s boyfriend came to visit (they are both Dutch) he introduced us to what he called the best Dutch beer (or at least pretty good Dutch beer). We checked the label to find out where it was from and we discovered that it was brewed in Belgium.

As you can tell, I have more connection with the Netherlands than with Belgium.

My wife, at least by descent.

You could try:
Côte d’Or chocolate
Chimay beer
Smakelijk eten!

Blue chimay! Duvel! Hoeegarden!

That whole late eighties club scene was pretty brilliant if you ask me.

Oh yeah, and abbey beers.

Cote d’Or chocolates

KLM Pilot accents.

Cabin Crew, please return to your seats for landing.

Since when is KLM Belgian?

Callebaut milk chocolate.


Belgian food is good. Belgian beer is better. [try trappist]

  • not going into the Belgian jokes* :slight_smile:

Belgian food is good. Belgian beer is better. [try trappist]

  • not going into the Belgian jokes* :wink:

Dutch jokes on the other hand:

You know the one about the double poster?

Belgium is the only country I know that is worth the trip just for the beer. Find a trappist brewery and get the beer, fresh bread, cheese and sausages made there. If you can catch the elusive sunny summer day in the Ardennes it is heaven.

Belgian-style frites make McDonald’s french fries seem like a bad joke. Although no Belgian would respect me because I refuse any kind of sauce whatsoever. Salt only.

Leffe Blonde and Eddie Merckx

  1. Nothing is better than stroopwafels. NOTHING!

  2. The frites are brilliant, especially with the pindasaus

  3. Uitsmiters are Belgian? My husband is Dutch and I make him one every Sunday morning. (=artery-hardening day)

  4. Spa Cassis! Mmmmmmm…

Leonidas chocolates.
Trappist beer.