Bring Me Edelweiss

You may remember that I was looking for Bring Me Edelwiess so that I could download it onto the ol’ iPod several months ago. I did get it.

And now… The Video.

Sweet! Thanks for posting that. I remember when you were looking for the song. I’d forgotten about it for about eight or nine years until then. I had the cassette single back in the day.

I’d never seen the video before. Fun stuff!

Your Edelweiss experience is not complete without this!!

Better link to the complete video:

Grrrrrrrrrr, youtube denying me my fix!!! Blooooooodddddyyy Vengeaaaaannnnccceee!!1

Somehow I knew that link was going to be to the Star Trek one. :wink:

Ach Du Lieber! :smiley:

Ich habe mich tot-gelacht!

Der Q :slight_smile:

Now why did I think this thread was going to be about my favorite episode of SUPERMAN, in which Lois requests that Superman bring her a sprig of Edelweiss, to demonstrate his love for her?