British Cyclists

I spend a good deal of time trvelling by train and tend to walk from the train station to my destination. Who is my greatest nemesis in this journey (besides the rail companies), not evil car drivers, lorries or buses? Nope. it’s the british cyclist.

At least the other forms of transport show a modicum of respect for the highway code, even if only in passing, but the amount of cyclists that don’t stop at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings is amazing.

Is there a law that I am unaware of that exempts them from following the highway code and makes them exempt from any from of punishment for almost running someone over?

Futhermore, there is no more vocal group thatn cyclists when it comes to bashing the evil car driver, but as a pedestrian I say, get your own house in order before you start bashing everyone else. Let’s face it if a cycling went through a red light and was knocked off his/her bike it would no doubt still be the motorists fault, even though the cyclist broke the law.

I’ve seen numerous cyclists using pedestrianised zones that clearly state that they are not for any form of wheeled vehicle.

So to all British Cyclists, stop complaining about how bad it is to cycle on our roads, try walking, it’s much more dangerous, and cyclists are the reason.

Must be universal. Here, they ignore traffic signals and all the other stuff. Plus, they become downright indignant climbing a steep hill with a sharp blind curve, wagging their asses at you while your transmission screams, “My kingdom for a moment in second gear!”

Happens in Sydney too. They’re a self-righteous pack of arseholes in my book.

Agreed. They’re all the same - slow, annoying road hazards that don’t follow the rules, clog up traffic, and tempt you to squash them flat.

As a British cyclist, driver and sometime pedestrian I’m afraid to say I agree with you.

I do my best. I am considerate, law abiding, stay off the pavement (sidewalk), use lights at night, stop to help stranded drivers get their cars off the road, let people know if they’ve a light out. Only last week I prevented a potential very nasty accident by blocking a truck in a traffic queue and informing the driver he was dragging several yards of strop behind him, and a car was now stopped on it.

But every day, I see other cyclists being twats. I wait at red lights, other cyclists just breeze by. I always shoulder-check and signal, so habitually it’s automatic, other cyclists don’t bother. It’s a matter of education and enforcement, and there’s precious little of either.

Mmm. For every considerate, careful cyclists, there’s another 10 who are complete arseholes. There’s hardly a day goes by that I’m not almost knocked over by one them shooting through a red light that apparently doesn’t apply to them.

Thanks for all the support, I suspected that this thread would get me a roasting, just goes to show that you never know what people will say.

Surprised me too. I’m sure it’s coming. They’re sharpening the knives as we speak.

They’re pretty obnoxious here too. They love to ride two and three across the road and refuse to move over. One guy actually weaved back and forth across the road so I couldn’t pass him. Another kid was riding in the street, hands off the handlebars, about three inches from opposing traffic.

Do these people want to get flattened?

Svish, svish, svish.

“No, no; it’s alright you see, because I can see if there’s anything coming! If there’s no-one standing at the red light, it’s fine to carry on, because those lights are just for cars. And I can just cycle round pedestrians on the crossings because I’m not as wide as a car…”


Except I don’t even know what people are trying to say here. . .

Some people seem to be upset about how cyclists and pedestrians jive.

Some people are upset about kids riding no handed against traffic (yeah, no shit).

Someone’s concerned about a bike swerving back and forth across the lane.

Some people are upset just about bikes running stop signs (as if cars don’t it, and even so, are you just complaining about someone getting away with something, like you’ew Ferris Bueller’s sister?) That’s as valid a complaint as me being on my bike complaining about a car speeding.

No one actually seems to be complaining about actual legal cycling behavior as I know it and practice it.

And this is why I let them hit me.

I find the entertainment value is worth the bruising.

Of course not, that’s the point, if you cycle legally I’ve not got a problem, it’s only the illegal type that causes difficulties.

While it is true that cars also run red lights etc, I personally have had more dangerous encounters with cycles that don’t stop, both as a pedestrian and a car driver.

It might sound idealistic, but if everyone followed the rules of the road then there would be fewer accidents and at least one fewer pit threads (this one).

Indeed. Nobody is complaining about the cyclists who aren’t illegal, dangerous, or just plain inconsiderate. They’re fine upstanding people. All five of them.

I don’t mind bicyclists in general. They’re helping conserve gas, getting good exercise (and theoretically helping lower my health insurance bill) and if they present a bit of inconvenience when I’m driving, no big deal.

That said, there seems to be more and more attitude these days among bikers. I see more instances where they are riding two abreast in a lane, preventing you from passing. The other morning one was heading down the middle of the lane on a 45 mph road, disdaining the option of moving to the right to let faster vehicles by. But when he reached the stop sign at the intersection, Mr. I-have-as-much-right-to-the-road-as-you decided to ignore it and swing out dangerously into traffic, causing the cars behind him to slam on their brakes.

If you’re going to insist on complete vehicular rights, play by the rules.

Dead on. We’re complaining about the idiot cyclists.

I don’t like some dipshit weaving in front of me to keep me from passing him.

I don’t like cyclists riding two or three across the lane when they are supposed to go single file.

I really don’t want to watch some idiot kid get flattened because he is too cool to use his hands.

Why on earth would we complain about the cyclists that do everything properly? :confused:

Then basically the whole point of the thread is this, “let’s point out a few illegal cycling moves and then all pretend that these actions are done by all cyclists everywhere.”

Otherwise, you’re just pointing out random irresponsible behavior. What’s the fucking point?

Yeah, I pit people who use kitchen knives to stab others.

I pit people who walk down the street randomly throwing punches.

I pit people who fire bullets into the air.

I pit people who pee in the swimming pool.

Newsflash: some people behave irresponsibly in public. Ooo, let’s pit it, and narrow it to cyclists because I know people will pig pile on that.

It’s a stupid thread that gets people riled up about “cyclists” while pointing out the negative behavior of a few. And it’s filled with people’s “perceptions” of the proportions of cyclists who behave in this fashion.

Bully for you; you don’t like cyclists who ride no-handed into traffic 3 inches from cars. Yeah, pit that.

I can’t believe that the ratio is 10 to 1. Maybe the other way around. Still, they’re the only part of the road-using community that are not compelled to be trained, so it’s not surprising that the younger ones are pretty clueless. Amongst that ones that survive into adulthood, I would be surprised if we are really seeing more than a minority at play. After all, most of them will be drivers, soo.

As a cyclist, I hear many stories about arrogant motorists: groups of two-wheelers working themselves into a froth about incidents that have happened to all of them, all too frequently. It seems to me that this is more about picking on “the others” as a form of group bonding than an objective evaluation of safety issues. Could we be on the same tack in this thread?

The red-light running thing is done by cyclists about as often as car drivers exceed the speed limit. As in, it is notable when they don’t. Cyclists may be great people and stand up citizens and all, but they blow reds and stops signs like there’s no tomorrow.

I won’t even mention the typical NYC cyclist, those guys don’t follow any rules at all.