Britney Spears to spawn in Namibia, or You Can't Make This Shit Up

I’m not even sure what to say without falling into a tirade about genetics and the nouveau riche.

Eh? The girl might have made some poor mating decisions, but I’m not sure I follow you on this one. Granted, it must suck to have the kind of notoriety that you have to go halfway around the planet to get some privacy, but unless you’re arguing that the standard of medical care over there isn’t up to the task, why can’t she have her baby anywhere she wants.

Mna Romotswe said it best in Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith:

:smack: :smack:

Sorry I got my African counties mixed up. Please disreguard my post.

because it wreaks of the sort of bandwagoning that she (Kabalah) and Hollywood in general (Kabalah) are so notorious for. She is clearly copying Brangelina.

Just you wait. First Brangelina, now Spears, next thing you know they’ll ALL be doing it, and then Africa will have the best damned maternity wards in the entire world.

The other possibility is that birthing in Africa will quickly become “like, so 2 years ago,” and South America will be the next hot place to have a baby.

Well, with Namibia deporting the human carrion known as paparazzi, I can’t blame her. Hell, once Namibia realizes how much money it could make as a birthplace of the stars, they might make it legal to just shoot the vultures.

This is funny because it all started from a parody “interview” with Britney. If they really do have a quote from someone in the Namibian government, he’s a comlpete and utter moron.

Link to the original gossip “story” I read, with links to others.

She is, she does, she will!
Right in the full glare of all the publicity that can be obtained.
Privacy? More like publicity. She sure doesn’t look the part of a shrinking violet in the interviews on TV. Give me a breal.