Brokeback Mountain (OPEN SPOILERS)

Just got home from a preview.

Yes, it really is that good.

No, it’s not actually about gay cowboys – it’s about two people who fall in love but can’t find a way to make it work.

It’s very, very sad.

But very, very, very good.

Every reviewer in America WANTS to love this movie. Every reviewer WANTS to embrace it and praise it to the skies.

So, what does it mean when the reviewers are straining desperately to find something great to say about it and failing?

That it’s a well-meaning stinker. But rest assured, we’ll be hearing for months all about the “courageous” performances of Ledger and Gylenhaal.

I haven’t read any reviews yet – I just know I saw it and liked it a lot.

Ebert and Roeper reviewed it in their last show and they didn’t have any trouble giving it two thumbs up. They praised the acting as well as the love story. I didn’t notice any strain or hesitation or waffling or discomfort. They liked it.

Just wanted to be first . . .

I myself am in no hurry to see it. And I agree that there are people desparate for it to be good (just like there were for other controversial movies like Passion of the Christ). But, I have to disagree with you - RottenTomatoes currently lists a score of 86% for it. So whatever the motivations of the critics, it’s getting excellent reviews.

I’ve read quite a lot about this film and it sounds pretty good. I don’t know if I’ll catch it at the cinema at all but it’ll at least be worth a rental when it comes round on DVD.

One question - Do the gay cowboys, at any point in the film, eat pudding?

Nope, mostly beans.

And if you like good visuals, it might be worth seing on the big screen – there is some really excellent scenery throughout.

I want to know what idiot thought that Brokeback Mountain would be a good name for a serious movie about gay cowboys?

Waaay too close to Pokeback?

It’ll be interesting to say the least to get the working cowboy’s opinions on this next time we’re out at the ranch. The FIL employs about 20 and they’re all old school. For some reason, I don’t think they’re going to be quite as receptive.


Broke Back Mountin’…that’s how I always hear it.

I saw the previews and it looked interesting and visually beautiful. I’m sure I’ll see it when it comes to DVD. My only anticipated problem is the fact that it’s Jake Fucking Gyllenhall. I just can’t warm up to this guy. He looks “not quite done” to me.

“Dude, how’d y’all end up in the hospital?”
“Broke back mountin’”

Personally, I would have gone with Flaming Saddles

The role really suits him, and he’s very good. As is Heath Ledger. As are Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway.

And for the title – it was the title of Annie Proulx’s original story, take it up with her.

Yanno, as someone who’s had her heart broken once or twice, I’m rather offended by the gay-bashing jokes here.

What, no Homo On The Range?

Given the above critiques, I’m really looking forward to seeing this. At first it struck me as a surprising choice for a story line but, truth be known, I’d suspect there were a whole lot of things that happened like this that because of the climate were never discussed. Should be quite thought provoking.

Sorry Twickster, nobody’s trying to offend. Apologies if anything indeed did.

With apologies to twickster, I was thinking Male Rider would’ve worked.

The morning show radio hosts, who I usually enjoy, become adolescent chimpanzees about issues of homosexuality. I had to listen to this type of shit all morning. Grow up, ninnies.

For my money, the film sounds great, and I can’t wait to see it. Anything that will challenge the stereotypes of gay men as mincing, catty, stylish, and fashion-focused. Like 99% of my movie watching these days, it’ll have to be on DVD. Once you have kids, going to the movies becomes a rare and special event.