Browser Only Opens in Tiny Box

Maybe I bumped some F-key or something? But now, my brower always opens in a tiny box in the upper left hand corner. Sometimes, it will not maximize! Anyone know how to correct this? Is there some default setting I can reset? Help me!

  • Jinx

What kind of browser?

If you are using IE - maximize the browser window, but instead of using the “X” in the corner to close it, go to ‘file’ then ‘close’. That ususally works for me, the browser should open maximized next time. Sounds like your window got resized by a pop-up, and stayed that way.

Yes, my browser is Internet Explorer (IE), and pop-up windows could well be the culprit…damn them all!!

No dice, Boscibo. Your idea didn’t work…any other thoughts?

Try this: open a window and use the corner “stretchers” to size the window to whatever size you like. Close that window. Subsequent windows should open to the same size.

Or not.

You got a firewall? Check to make sure that another program is not opening up IE behind your back. IE can be opened to a small window or no window at all without your consent!!