Browsing images in OSX

I have a bunch of photos in the same Finder folder, and I want to flip through them all in full size view to compare stuff in different perspectives. So I double-click on one image, and it comes up full size in its own window in Preview. So far so good, I guess. But despite the fact that this new window has options for “Previous” and “Next” above the image, they do NOTHING when I click on them. What do I have to do to make Preview recognize all the images in the folder as a series? Do I really need to open each image separately?

Cmd-a (to select them all), then double-click on one of them. You can also just use “quick look” by hitting the space bar after selecting the images.

you can select multiple images in the finder then use Quick Look.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to do.

A few more things to do with Quick Look :

Once you bring up a file, you can use the the arrow keys to navigate the files in the Finder. Up/Down would do what you want for these files. (If you use the Column View (⌘-3 is one way to switch to it) left and right will move through the folder hierarchy too).

That won’t work if you go to “Full Screen” mode, so you can do something else: Select all the items you want to view, and hit space to bring up Quick Look. This is a “multiple items” view. There should be an icon of a little set of slide-like squares at the bottom, which is called an “index sheet” - it’ll tile all the items on the screen. In this view, you can also go to Full Screen and switch between file views with the left/right arrows.

Graphic Converter is an excellent inexpensive app for browsing, comparing, and renaming your photos.

There’s a nice little app called Xee that does a nice simple viewer of folders of images.

It’s great for batch operations (including, of course, format conversions) and for simple, Paint-like editing, but completely the wrong tool for the job for browsing like the OP wants. Or at least, the version I have is, though they might have added features for that lately.

When I use Graphic Converter to Browse Folder, I see the directory tree in a narrow window on the left and the picture (nearly full-screen) in the window on the right. I can rapidly move from one image to the next with the down arrow, and if I want to rename it, move it, or delete it, any of those can be done with a keyboard shortcut. How does that not satisfy the OP’s needs?

Huh, when I use Graphic Converter’s browse folder function, I just get a bunch of thumbnails, no bigger than I could have seen directly in Finder, and it’s really, really slow. Must be a version difference.