Bruce Dickinson can't sue me can he?

My special lady friend’s birthday is coming up, and im making her a gift basket of homemade beauty stuff/health stuff. She is really into Power metal so I’m going to name everything after Iron Maiden song titles.

so far on the list

Slumber of The Beast eye pillow
Power Salve (for tattoo’s and burns)
Rind Of the Ancient Marnier (Lemon/Lime Glycerin Soap)
Caught Somewhere In Thyme Candle (burned to promote good healing)
Rub For The Heels foot scrub
Face’s High Facial moisturizer
Backrub in The Village massage oil (if you got something better for massage oil let me know, its more of a stretch then the rest.)

“Can I Play with Mud Mask”

oh thats good! maybe this thread should be a make puns thread!

What, no Flight of Icarus sunscreen?

And, just to be random, one cowbell. :smiley:

What, no “Public Enema Number One” um, well, enema? :smiley:

A pack of condoms (if you’re into that sort of thing) could be “Weekend Warrior.”

And too bad you already have a candle – “Fear of the Dark” would have been perfect.

“Be Quick or Be Massaged?”

Oh yeah: If Bruce sues, can I go to court with you and meet him? :smiley:

“Two Minutes to Smooth Thighs” wax kit?

Not very relaxing though.

Oh oh! “Hallowed by Thy Mane” hot oil treatment!

“Razor’s High” naughty bits shaving kit?

If she colors her hair, Dye With Your Boots On.

Umm… The Pooper and Purgatory brand enemas? Wrap everything up in a Wicker (Man) Basket? Okay, I got nothing else.

A tube of Astroglide named Tailgunner?

A copy of The DaVinci Code, in a book cover marked Revelations?

Ow! Ow! Quit it! I’m sorry but I had to get my favorite song in there somehow. I’m sort of hoping to find out that my husband’s been posting here under the name** Analogue Skywalker**. Very cool gift.

Run Silent Run Deep 10" multispeed vibrator