Bruce Springsteen: Autobiography coming in September

From the article behind the NYTimes paywall:

Bruce actually has a bit on the line for this - he wants to hang with the Big Boys and cement his reputation as a writer. Dylan nailed it with Chronicles; Keith got his voice written perfectly. Elvis Costello stumbled, and apparently so did Chrissie Hynde and Sting came across like Sting. Bruce doesn’t do anything small, but has typically sought a private life with a low-ish profile. I wonder what he will share and his approach.

I am not a fanboy, but love some songs, deeply respect his songcraft and career. I will look for it.

I dont’ know anything about Springsteens literary aspirations, but I stumbled across this live performance from 2014 a few days ago. Springsteen and the E Street Band still put on an amazing show after all these years. It’s remarkable. So many of his contemporaries look and sound pretty bad as senior citizen rockers, but Bruce just keeps delivering.

I can only hope this autobiography ranks up there with the Richards and Dylan books.