Bruising after muscle cramp

Disclaimer: I am not seeking medical advice, I’m just curious as to what transpired here. The situation is resolving, I have health insurance, and will seek medical attention if it is warranted.

So, we just recently returned from two weeks in St Martin. While there, we hiked from Loterie up to Pic Paradise (highest spot on the island). It was a fairly strenuous hike, but very enjoyable. I had no pain on the hike.

The evening after the hike I experienced a severe muscle cramp in my thigh. It was the “inner thigh” between the groin and the knee. It hurt. I’ve had muscle cramps before; this one seemed worse.

Last night (ten or so days after the cramp) I mentioned to my gf that the area was still a bit sore. I was wearing a robe, and she massaged the area, then let out an “OMG”. I guess I don’t look at that part of me often. There is a bruise there.

Here is a picture of the area. What happened???

It’s possible for a cramp to be severe enough to tear the muscle. The bruising is bleeding under the skin.

Wow. That was what I was thinking. Ouch.

I told my gf that the bruising was likely from the muscle tearing during the cramp. I was reading a book when the cramp hit. So now she is telling friends about how I tore a muscle in my leg. . .reading a book. :wink:

At least your old chess injury isn’t flaring up. :smiley:

sheesh I hope you get better fast.