"Buddy", you asked the wrong tech...

I thought i’d heard it all, i’ve had all sorts of idiotic phone calls in tech support, but this one hit one of my hot buttons…

“hi, i was wondering if you’d tell me how to send out bulk e-mail from my Entourage application using names i culled from a FileMaker database?”

(plain English translation… “Hi, can you help me spam people?”)

unfortunately, no. i’m not familiar with Entourage, i use Apple Mail, i haven’t used Entourage in 2 years, you might want to ask <other tech> when he gets back from lunch, he’s familiar with that app

(plain English translation… “no, i will not help you spam people”)

i actually do NOT use entourage anyway so i wasn’t lying, i have no idea how to send bulk e-mail, but even if i did, i would NOT tell him how to spam people, spam must be stopped, and every little bit to stem the tide of spam helps

besides, we’re a reseller/service center, NOT a “learn how to annoy people with spam” shop

i will also be warning the other tech that this guy will be calling back, so we can shut down his attempts to spam

Why didn’t you respond to the would-be spammer with what you meant?

Pssst. Some customer service type jobs, shocking as this may be to discover, do not allow the CSR to tell the customer what he really thinks.

Also, MacTech, can I get that customer’s email address and phone number from you. No special reason, just curious.

Not that I’m a big fan of spammers, but how do you know the names in his DB are not legitimate customers that he wants to send an informational email to?

If the list isn’t going to be used for spamming, he should call Microsoft for support.
Hell, he should be calling M$ anyway.
Screw him, RTFM!

People call us asking questions about products we don’t sell all the time too. :rolleyes:

"Yeah… I’m gonna need to you to hold down the control key, and while you’re doing that, press the letter A. Yes, all of the entries have turned a different color- that’s normal. Okay, now hold down the control key again- yes, the one you just used… either the one on the left or on the right, doesn’t matter… and press the “X” key.

Everything disappeared? No problem- that just means it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Now, here’s the important part. Hold down the “Alt” key- yes, either one- and press the “F” key. Press the Alt key again, and press “S”.

That should take care of it. Yessir, you have a good day, too."

Agreed, are e-mail lists now unethical too? It sounds like a fairly reasonable question to me.

If this was a true, “Viagr0, Perciset, etc.” e-mail, I doubt he’d have to be calling you for instructions.

Microsoft doesn’t make Filemaker. So your advice is ironic :).


People do this to me too…usually because they didn’t buy a contract with the company that actually provides support for that product. :wally es I say!