Buffed Spoilers (Link to possible spoilers in here...)

Sure, like I said, I like the suspense as well, and it’s understandable to be irritated. It’s one reason I avoid Cafe Society (as well as Amazon reviews, etc.) - I hate finding out things early (although, I do like to know in general if something sucks or not).

Bingo. This is exactly why I’ve avoided all the Buffy threads myself over the last few months. I’ve been in a few “Angel” thread because I don’t care as much about that show, but even there I don’t go as much as I used to.

Bingo to this too.

I’m almost as spoiled as, uh, certain other people, and let me tell you, it is really, really hard to police myself in the Buffy threads and not leak spoiliage into my posts. It takes a supreme effort of will to confine myself to interpretation of the events in the episode just aired.

All I can say, is, hey, certain other people are young. Forgive them.

Oh, yeah, and the other actors on the show are not fit to wipe the perspiration off of James Marsters’ taut abdomen.