Buffy 10/8 Nastiest.Demon.Ever.

Of course, spoilers…
This episode has to be the most disgusting ever! Narl (?) definitely gets my vote for creepiest, ickiest demon of all time. Even creepier than the Gentlemen (I know, blasphemy!) He reminded me of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, most shudder-worthy.
All in all though, it was a great episode. The scoobies are back together! Lots of Willow, no Dawn whining, great humor along with the yuck factor. Anya coming on to Willow was too funny, especially in light of last week’s “glance.”

a 9.9 outta 10 in the “Ick, I can’t believe they’re showing me this” scale, but I really liked the rest of the episode. I even recall giggling like a little girl a couple times – poseable Dawn!

Yes, Narl was VERY ugly and nasty. Interesting that they talked about him in the singular.

James Marstens (sp? sorry it’s late) has my utmost respect for doing the same scene twice and exactly the same way (intonation, movements, ect.) How did they do that? Was Willow actually standing there and they just never showed that direction to hide it instead of doing it twice?

Poseable Dawn was funny, I was concerned about her lungs paralyzing but I guess theres no point in having someone die before you’ve (ugh) finished your meal. Get the feeling Dawn wants to be a cop? And did anyone else kinda hope the invisiblity thing would last a bit longer? Just for the heck of it?

“The wind talks to you when you’re alone.”

I agree, gross show.

This is the first show I have seen this season, what have I missed? How many shows have I missed? Why is Willow doing magic? Is Giles<sp?> coming back?

Thank You

“Keep you’re ticket, you’ll need that.” That line kinda wigged me out, and I think it wigged out Xander too. Up to that point I was following Spike pretty well…knew who he was talking to and coudl even figure out what he was talking about…but that completely threw me. Some people htink bad stuff is gonna happen to Xander this year…I’m starting to think so too.

I agree, James Marsters was great (wish he had more time…but it was Willow’s ep, and she deserved that.) The Gnarl was really gross…really, really gross. (And I’m kinda disturbed that I know there is a silent G in Gnarl. To quote a friend of mine, it’s not tv, it’s what we do.)

Overall, I liked this episode a lot, and I wasn’t expecting to feel very sympathetic for Willow, but AH really sold me with her performance.

Didn’t like the snarky comments Buffy made about Spike. Didn’t like seeing Spike used as a bloodhound. I have a dream, that one day Spike will not be used by Buffy. Not for sex, not for muscle, not to babysit Dawn, not to track nasty demons…it could happen…

Tell me about it. Although I do know that trees have gnarls ("“a hard protuberance with twisted grain on a tree”, according to Webster) and maybe we got it from there.

Or, somewhat more commonly, the word “gnarled”?

Spike: I’m crazy - what’s his excuse?

And fogmage, Giles is staying in England for the foreseeable future. Expect cameos, but as he’s not in the opening credits, don’t expect a return for the season.

I hope there isn’t a Dawn-related blooper reel somewhere for this. Knowing Emma and the others, it could get quite suggestive.

sigh I will kill UPN20 Denver. The station was out tonight. No Buffy. My life is now a hollow meaningless thing. Hopefully my parents can send a copy of the tape they made.

Well, I had closed captioning - it was gnarl.

(in fact, they kind of messed it up because it had “[gnarl]” in the first scene to show an off camera voice was speaking.)

I liked the idea of the episode… but when Willow said she caused it, I didn’t see that - and I would have preferred it if I could have thought through the first scenes and thought “Oh, that’s right. she did.” But I couldn’t. I’ll look for it when I rewatch it.

I know it’s asking for spoilers, but as someone who missed the episode, I just gotta know…

What was so gross about it?

Well, Gnarl the Demon paralyses his victims, and while they are alive and awake he strips the skin off of them and eats it. Drinks the blood too. He got a nice healthy start on Willow.

I also liked the episode. Wow, three strong ones in a row - at the beginning of the season no less.

My only problem was that before we got to see Gnarl we heard his voice. And his voice reminded me of Him from “The Powerpuff Girls.”

And wouldn’t that make for a heck of a show?

OK. Maybe not. But now you know how my mind works. Fear me.

Trion, I thaught the same thing.

The Tim that is one of my worse nightmares. Unfortunately, all I can say is, “Better you than me.” :stuck_out_tongue:

And I can’t believe nobody mentioned the realest, most lamest zinger of the episode, “It’s smellimentary,” by Dawn.

It was so idiotic, cute and uncalled for that it was absolutely perfect.

While not an especially great episode, (I think they really could have had some great heart-to-heart chatting betwixt Willow and Buffy), the “Eww” facter and seeing Wil go through that pain and the others race to her resque like the old days make up for the boring first half.

Don’t get the voice, but I did kind of like that Gnarl actually spoke. Most of your other demons on the show that kill people in disgusting ways are pretty much crush, kill, destroy. Gnarl’s taunting made him creepier.

So gross. So very very gross. Since when can they show that much gross on television?

Anya is great. The bonding moment she had with Willow was great.

Buffy apparently needs a lesson or two in Basic Human Compassion 101.

Who else thinks that Xander, Dawn and Willow are still completely in the dark about the whole “Spike has a soul” issue?

“I’m insane. What’s his excuse?” Hee heee …

To me this was Anya’s episode. She had some of the best character development and consistent lines given her in the series.

The Invisibility gimmick was annoying and detracted from the episode. The “Willow accidently caused it without knowing” seemed a bit tacked on. A punishment from the Coven I could see. But the “Oops I did it again” explanation was goofy. :rolleyes: Why could Anya see her then – she nearly killed her as well, right? The whole thing stunk.

New and Improved Dawn continued- reflecting the decision to nearly re-write the character. Zander was a bit of an after thought, other then used as the pro-Willow spokesperson.

Spike got to chew some more scenery. Nice back to back scenes in the basement. I hope they more this plot line forward a bit quicker. Let’s go see crazy Spike in the basement is getting old.

Overall a 6. A series of really good scenes and lines, especially delivered by Anya, and the Buffy & Willow end scene, and a really creepy villian who dies a clever and realistic end. Not bad, but no where near as good as it could have been, or as good as the first two.

LunaSea, that’s just crazy talk- nobody was scarier then the Gentlemen! :wink:

I initially thought that Willow was invisible to everyone but demons, since she could be seen by Spike, Anya and Gnarl. Brilliant bit of misdirection by Joss. The skin-stripping scene was one of the more disturbing things ever on TV.


In the first ep of this season, we see Willow in England with Giles. They discuss that magic is not an addiction and that like it or not Willow has power inside her. Willow was in England with the coven which lent Giles its power for the showdown last season, learning control and about the interconnectedness of all things. Which leads me to ask, since according to Giles this power is within Willow, does that mean the coven is now powerless? More guilt for Willow if that’s the case, and I wonder why she can’t just give it back?

No mystery girl getting killed this week. Interesting.

I was out of the room for a minute when Willow and Anya were together. The audio didn’t sound like Anya was “coming on” to Willow. What about the visual led to that idea?

Anya never really fell into the category of a “friend” of Willow. At best, she was a putative “friend-in-law” based on her relationship with Xander. Xander got to keep the friends after he and Anya broke up because she only really had a relationship to them through Xander, not separately. (something she was a little bitter about in “Beneath You.”) Willow probably was not as apprehensive about reuniting with Anya or Spike as she was with Buffy and Xander, the core Scoobies. She’s also closer to Dawn (Buffy’s sister) than to Anya or Spike because of the whole sibling thing. It made sense to me that Anya and Spike could see her and the others couldn’t, given what Willow was worrying about.

As far as Dawn, I’ve never had the objection to her that others have. And I think the changes in the character simply reflect the fact that she’s growing up. It’s not a rewrite, it’s developing maturity.

Folks are talking about Willow being invisible, but the scoobs were invisible to her as well. I thought it was going to be some kinda time phase disjunct - a la BTVS meets Star Trek.

So what’s the verdict on Dawn’s new do? I vote yum, Ms. D a big thumbs down.

And now, I must admit that I am a terrible parent. I was watching this ep with Princesses # 1 and #2. P#2 resorted to the old “I’ll hide under the blanket” bit when Gnarl was becoming a little too creepy. Yes, I admit it, I leapt across the room and grabbed her knee. I have no doubt that she’ll be punishing me with tales of nightmares for several months/years now.

HAR HAR HAR!!! That’s great, Dinsdale!!!

Can’t wait til my daughter is old enough to be scared like that!