Buffy 7X14 "First Date"

Everything a-spoilered, separated for convenience of reply.

Ashanti wasn’t abysmal, just a bit limp - and her part was not at all well written. I’d suggest she not give up her day job, except her day job is reputedly singing and having heard her I must say that giving it up would be about the best thing she could do.

The wire scene. Andrew’s questions are so blatantly leading that the First shouldn’t have had to wonder for a second where Andrew’s loyalties lay. Even Andrew is not that stupid. I suppose you could give the excuse that he’s scared out of his wits, but come on…

What is Wood going to do re Spike now?

Is Wood coming under the control of the First? Was he under that control before, or did he cover the Seal of Danzathar to stop the likes of Lissa finding it?

How does a French restaurant in a Sunnydale back alley get so much custom after dark?

Back-to-back episodes without that accent - could it be that ME have finally realised Molly is leading the audience to root for the First?

he’s going to try to kill Spike, of course

4.Doubt he’s under the power of the First—other than the fact he’s listening to the First and playing right into the First’s hands. He’s not under its power the same way Spike was.
5.Did you know the first 8 seconds of that ally scene was lifted directly from The Gift?.
6. Next week there are going to be about 100 SiTs…and I’m totally not kidding.

Don’t forget that principal Wood works right over…

The Bidet of Evil!