Buffy / Angel DVD problems, fixes, suggestions

There have been a couple of threads in which various viewing problems with Buffy DVDs have come up. I tried to search for those, but was stymied by the fact that “DVD” is only three letters long.

In my case, Buffy S1 has problems on the third episode of each of the DVDs, and S3 with Graduation Day 1 and 2.

Is this consistent with others’ experiences? And how, if at all, did you get your problems fixed?

I had no problems with the Buffy S1 discs; I don’t own the S3’s.

However, when I had skipping problems on the S2 set I got, I simply took it back and got a new one. Is that not an option for you?


Well, I could simply return the sets – but given that I’ve heard multiple complaints about this, I’m wondering if I’ll just be exchanging one bad set for another. What I’m hoping (foolishly, perhaps) is there’s a bad lot number or something, and a good lot number, and I can somehow distinguish the flawed sets in the store.

My Buffy and Angel DVDs are all perfectly fine. I’d share my lot numbers with you, but I’m not sure where they are on the packages.

I had problems with season 3. I took it back to Best Buy and asked them if I could exchange it. They agreed, I then asked if I could open up the “new” DVD set, in order to see if it was scratched. They hemmed a little bit, but agreed to let me open one.
I suggest you say something along the lines of this:

I’m going to pay for the first one that isn’t defective and I don’t see why you have a problem with me opening up the DVDs because if they are scratched they are going to have to be sent back to the warehouse anyway. I mean, you aren’t going to sell your customers DVD’s you know are defective…are you?

I’ve had problems, too, and found that doing what Meatros suggests is a good way to go. For S3, I had ordered from Amazon and they were just great when I had to return the defective set. I printed out a return shipping label and sent it back and they shipped out a replacement set the very next day–I got it before I’d even returned the damaged disks.