Buffy Season 4 DVD (USA) ... ETA?

All right … I’m one episode away from finishing the season 3 DVDs… when is my next fix due out?

June 2003.

Toad, did you have any problems with s3 disks? I’ve heard they recalled a large number of them, and since I had to exchange s1 (I got 3 disks, but two of them were identical) I’ve been hesitant to pick them up.

www.tvshowsondvd.com seconds Pepperlandgirl’s June 2003 release date.

I’d like to hear more about this problem too. I’ve heard that the issue crops up on DVD #2. But we’ve watched through “Bad Girls” with no problem yet.

I had this problem with season 2 and had to return it. I ordered S3 from Amazon and ended up having to return that because of problems, but they were just great about the return and I was able to print out a return shipping label from the web so I didn’t have to pay shipping and they rushed out the new set to me within a couple of days.

Now I can’t wait till S4!

Entertainment Weekly just mentioned in their recent review of the Angel S1 discs that the production quality is awful. I’ve seen problems on Buffy S2 DVD’s as well.


I have had no problems with any of the discs from any of the 3 seasons.

And June … Grr! Argh!

If you’ve got a region-free DVD-player, you can order S.4+5 from Amazon in UK, or www.blackstar.co.uk. It’s a tad more expensive and initially, you might get stumped over the NTSC /PAL thing, but there are handy guides on the 'Net which tells how to get around this. You don’t need a PAL TV-set to watch in that format.