Buffy AND Angel-oh joys!

I just got my copy of Season 3 Buffy, yesterday. I have to say, I’m psyched! I had a Buffy marathon yesterday and simply could not get enough. In addition I am really looking forward to the first season of Angel that comes out in a few weeks!

February is truly a good month!
*On a slightly down note, I had to take my original season 3 back, because of the defective 2nd disc. I went to best buy and opened two boxes before the employee wouldn’t let me do it anymore. I said to him “well, they’re defective anyway, so why do you care? You have to send them back, right?”.
In any event I finally got a good copy (on the first try even) at Saturday Matinee at FairOaks Mall.

I think it’s cool!

Anyone else psyched about the twin releases?

(I can’t wait until june also-season 4 comes out!)