Buffy/Angel question: Where're Drusilla & Harmony?

I remember that Drusilla came back to Sunnydale after Spike declared his lust for Buffy. Spike intended to stake Dru and Harmony as a warped gesture or love toward Buffy, but I can’t recall if Dru survived or not. I know Harmony showed up later on Angel for one ep, and she was alive at the end of it. But did Drusilla get staked?

If not, what happened to her? Weren’t she & Darla planning on taking over L.A.'s vamp community? Granted, Darla’s baby put a crimp in their plans, but where did Drusilla go? Does the fact that the First Evil was able to mimic her mean she is DEAD dead?

And Harmony: Lorne “read” her and stated that Cordelia would sheperd her to her destiny. Harmony of course betrayed the Angel Investigations gang, but don’t tell me her final destiny was to join a vampire pyramid scheme! Is there more in store for Harmony, especially now that Cordelia is a real Power That Be & Shaper Of Destinies?

(For the record, I am maintaining, until proven otherwise, that the “Cordy” that slit Lilah’s throat & banged Conner ain’t the real Cordelia, but an imposter.)

Harmony joined the vampire pyramid scheme, and was present when Angel & crew did verily kick their butts. Cordy told Harmony to get the hell out of Dodge and never come back. So far it seems to be working.

And when you’re a vampire, you’re dead. The First can be any vampire it wants to.

Drusilla also has not been around in awhile. It mostly has to due with Julet Landau’s schedule, though she did a brief appearance as the First this season on Buffy.

If I remember correctly(and I may not), we last saw her around the time Angel set her and Darla on fire. Darla reemerged, but Drusilla left.

I don’t think that’s right. Angel set them on fire before Dru’s visit to Sunnydale. I do recall them both “frolicking” in the spray of a fire hydrant they cranked open just in the nick of time. Dru then went to Sunnydale afterwords in order to recruit Spike to their gang.

Yeah, I thought it was a nice touch that Dru had a few scars on her in Crush.

Well, according to one website I fell into: (Spoiler is for unaired episodes of Buffy)

Dru will be back in the next episode of Buffy. (I try to avoid spoilers, so I do not know if this is true, but one can only hope.)

On a marginally related topic, I saw the one with Harmony this morning where she has minions, and I noticed that one of 'em was played by the guy who plays Andrew now.

Tom P.
Re: Your Spoiler Dru will be back, but it is a flashback, like Fool For Love

And I was so looking forward to it. :frowning: