Buffy Experiments with Sex in new comic (spoilers inside)

Just read in the NY Times that Buffy takes a quick walk on the wild side with disciple Slayer, Satsu.

See - now why couldn’t The Joss have made that choice when Faith was still in the picture? I’m just sayin’…

For that matter, why can’t Dark Horse just label some issues “Adult” and give us some raunch?

On a related note - I coincidentally stumbled across this Onion bit that is a hilarious send up of TV Censorship, where the guy is a total Alyson Hannigan geek:


You might want to change the thread title, as I had no idea what “Buffy Experiments” was supposed to mean and then I moused over and saw the comic spoiler (at which point it hit me “Oh! Experiments as in sex with a woman!” Tee hee!").

Good idea - reported to mods.

… and the mods have reacted.

You da’ best! Thanks!

Well, without a link, I don’t know what the article says, but in the latest issue of the Buffy comic…

A slayer confesses her love for Buffy but Buffy gently shoots her down.

Linky: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/05/books/05buffy.html

Can’t recall if I am an online NYTimes member; hopefully everyone will be able to make the link work…

The link works. I Googled it when you first posted, and that was the link that came up.

Too bad she didn’t think of doing this when she could have had Anya and Xander at the same time. I’m sure both of them would have been up for it! :smiley:

Because many comic shops would be forbidden to sell them because of their leases. I’ve had that confirmed when I was trying to purchase underground comics (Crumb, etc). Many theaters are forbidden from showing X or NC-17 films as well.

Sorry…you’ll just have to make do with the porn parody.

Or the Erotic Adventures of Buffy and (Vampire) Willow. The greatest webcomic of our time. :cool:

That would add new layers of meaning to their OMWF song, especially the stanza “When things get rough he, just hides behind his Buffy.”

I stand corrected. I just bought the new issue today…and…wow.

I don’t know about this one. But apparently Fray is going to show up, which might be interesting.

Sweet Merciful Zeus!