Buffy Season 2 DVD--- yea!

:smiley: Oh joyous day! I don’t know if they moved up the release date or what happened, because BuffyDVD says it won’t be out until tomorrow, but I got mine in snail mail from Amazon today!

No sleep for erl this week!

[from the inside cover]“I’m an old-fashioned gal. I was raised to believe that the men dig up the corpses and the women have the babies.” tee-hee!

But, bad news or typo? A little slip of paper that came with it said that third season wouldn’t out until winter 2003 :eek: That better be a typo! :mad: Six months is too long to wait IMO when the UK already has so many seasons out for them. [mumble stupid region releases grumble]

Dear erislover,

You suck.

Yours truly,
Those Of Us Who Didn’t Order It

Lucky bastard! I won’t be able to buy it until I get paid on Friday.

I doubt it’s a typo. The last set came out in January, so 5-6 months is probably going to be the pattern…I was sure it was going to be Jan/July, though, sort of like every X-files set comes out in May/November. FOX likes to keep things like that going.

So…are they worth buying? I have every episode on tape, but…they’re a hell of a lot cheaper than the X-files, anyway (less than 1/2!) :slight_smile:

Are they worth buying?! Are you nuts?! It’s a deal at twice the price! I, personally, have been having BuffyFest '02 in preparation for The Big Day. Now erislover has just made me incredibly jealous and wishing I’d ordered it…

elf, but winter 2003… that’s not six months, that’s a YEAR and six months! I will cry if that is true, really I will. Like I said, I’m miffed that they are taking six months to get the eps out. But, they want to put in all the interviews and other tidbits, so there you go.

Wow, so I really did get it a day early, huh? Looks like I better get some watching in tonight so I feel even more special! :wink:

Hmm, but already having them on tape and then making the transition. Well, I can say that the quality is really very good, at least it was on Season 1. 5 eps per disc, a little booklet with episode titles and a brief synopsis of the plot.


For only $50 I think it is way worth it.

Winter of 2003 is in January, isn’t it? I’ve never heard of calling it the “winter of” whatever year and meaning December is the beginning of it.

I wouldn’t consider “Winter of 2003” to be January, though January is certainly winter, and certainly in 2003. Hmm. But, you’re right, that would be when they release the next one.

January, 2003’s winter is the winter from 2002 in my opinion. :slight_smile:

January is Winter 2003. Since Winter doesn’t even start until December 22, and runs until March 22, all but 9 days of the coming winter are in 2003. To call it Winter 2002 just because the first 9 days are in 2002, disregarding the latter 81 days, would be quite stupid.

So, December is part of Fall? March isn’t really part of Spring? I’m glad I live in California. All those seasons sound terribly confusing.

My only problem with this set of discs is that it scares my boyfriend. You see, when we got Season 1 on DVD, we watched it. All of it. One day. It was only a half-season, 12 eps.

But now… I want to do the same thing with season 2. 24 hours of Buffy!

He thinks I’m insane.

Oh yeah, I want a total buffy-thon with someone, season one and then two. What, it’ll only be like 30 hours. :slight_smile:

December 1-20 or 21st are in the fall
March 1-20 or 21st are in the winter
June 1-20 or 21st are in the spring
September 1-20 or 21st are in the summer…

The first day of summer in 2002 is the 21st of June this year, but for some reason the first day of fall isn’t until the 23rd, which is new to me. The first day of winter is the 22nd, which is pretty normal, I guess, though I used to believe that the seasons always began on the 21st of the months’ because that is/was more common.

Since I agree with Kirkland1244, I really doubt that the DVDs are going to take a year and a half to come out. However, if you really want to know, go to www.foxnetworks.com and to the dvd page. There should be an e-mail address for contacting them, and on a whole Fox is good about returning e-mails.

Had a look at the “feature” section on Amazon, and there’s a whole lotta stuff we poor Aussies didn’t get. All these interviews and stuff…

Pah. And it cost 80 bucks for half a season, as well…

But I’ll console myself in having had the first half of season two since around Christmas and the second half since a few months after…

And, for some reason, Angel Season 1 came out at the same time as Buffy season 2, resulting in my having purchased the first half of Angel season 2 on DVD (not having gotten the second half of season one… damn I’m spending a lot of money on these) when Season two finished here less than a year ago…

Really, I don’t care when the calendar says winter starts. Winter starts, in my estimation, on the first snowfall after Thanksgiving. Why couldn’t they just say “January 2003” and be done with it? No ambiguities for simple folk like myself.

Matt, grr, that’s a lot of money. I wanted to buy the XFiles season sets but they are $120 a season. Sorry. Even if they had gold covers it wouldn’t be worth it for me. No show was ever that good.

I love my wife. Really, I do. But we live apart and only see each other on the weekends, and she’s making me wait until she’s here this weekend to watch the DVDs. Argh.

This site says that Season Three will be coming this winter - meaning end of 2002 and beginning of 2003.

Hey, erislover TV Shows On DVD has a news blurb about Season 3 being released January 7th, 2003.

January 7th? Helllllloooo, Marketing People. Why couldn’t you release it in time for the holidays?