Bugatti Veyron owners, I need your advice. Thinking of buying...

I’d like to pick one of those babies up, but since they’re so new I haven’t really talked to anyone that’s owned one.

I’m this close to buying one and I need some input!

Sooooo, Bugatti Veyron owners; I know there’s a few of you on the boards, please tell me about your car.

(I have some concerns about the performance of the vehicle, it may be underpowered)

Ok, go!

I’m sorry, I can’t talk now. There are bugs in my teeth. And it isn’t even a convertible.

For once I am glad for the toothpick dispenser in the steering column.

The windshield washer reservoir is a bit small, and I can’t fit a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood into it, but otherwise it’s all right.

Just know when you’re getting into it that Jiffy Lube does not carry the right size oil filters for your Veyron, so they’ll upcharge you and you have to wait for them to order it. It’s also situated a bit low for using most drive up ATMs.

One word for you; Optionalluggagerack.

How’s the accelleration? Sufficient, or not so much?

I asked the dealer if they could install an NOS system to boost performance and he said, “It has never occurred to anyone here at Bugatti, but I suppose if 0-125 in 7.5 seconds isn’t fast enough for you, than sure we could install Nitrous for a nominal fee.”

BTW, did you guys get any special dealer incentives or decent interest rates?
Factory kickbacks?

I find that the anchors for the kids’ car seats are a little awkward to get at. And I don’t know what they use for upholstery, but you can’t get melted crayons out of it for anything. The AM radio reception is a little iffy, too. I find that wrapping a pit of tinfoil around the antenna helps a little, though the weather has to be right.

Shoot, I’ve got three kids that need car seats. Any chance of getting three seats in that thing (with two adults)?

Does it have an iPod dock?

The million-dollar Bugatti Veyron is a recklessly fast, gas-guzzling work of art.

Hmmm… apparently it doesn’t have XM radio or a tow package. Have to pass.

Honestly, I have no idea what it cost; it was a gift from Father and Mother. Sort of a “Get Well” after I accidentally wrapped my Ferarri Enzo around a bum a week or two ago.

You can get them in, but it’s uncommonly frustrating. The anchors are way down low, so you have reach your hand in and feel around, but unfortunately you’ll cut your hands to pieces on rough welds. The anchors themselves are undersized, and I think they’re made out of some plastic with shiny stuff on it so it looks like metal. Plus, they’re way too close together, so the tether for one seat gets in the way of the other one. You’ll end up swearing like a sailor and sweating like a mofo. Don’t take the seats out, once you get them in. And don’t tighten the straps too tightly, either, because the anchors will break on you. I busted one and the car had to be shipped to Italy to be fixed. It took six weeks and cost $9,000.

Not sure, but that may be a deal breaker too.

Sorry to hear about your Enzo.

Honestly, I don’t think it would have been as bad as it was if it hadn’t been for the shopping cart too. THAT will really screw up the paint job.

Dietrich? Is that you?

I just can’t get no good body kits, and when I lowered the bitch it was impossible to see the neon hover lights. Still the Altezza’s and dubs are rad, and the ‘Type - R’ vinyls make it look awsome.

I was wondering if I could get some 30 inch Lorenzos on that thing, man.
Are any spinners rated for 250 mph?

I hear that an “aspiring actress” comes stock for the passenger seat…is this true? And if it is, what are the options?

Where the hell did you find Altezzas for it? I’ve looked everywhere!

K-Mart doesn’t stock oil or air filters for it. The ride is rough as hell on the gravel roads around here. I got it stuck at the bottom of my driveway after a hard rain last week. Traction control my ass.

Piece of shit basically, I’m going back to my pickup.