Building collapse in NY?

Yahoo’s reporting part of an 8 story building in NYC (West 19th between 5th and 6th) collapsed, rumors of explosion.


Drudge’s pulled out the big RED text for this one. No link yet…

MSNBC says it was at some techincal school (Apex?) and that the explosion was on the second floor.

A friend in NY is watching the local news (channel 11); the report he saw said that “the boiler of a building nearby exploded while under renovations”, and that there are so far some injuries but no fatalities reported yet. The radio is reporting it right now as an apparent accident too.

CNN reports three serious (critical) injuries and as many as 50 total injuries. The building didn’t collapse, although portion of a wall did and possibly a couple of floors inside. Apparently a boiler exploded.

Actually the explosion was in a building housing Kaltech Industries across the street form the Apex Tech school.

I’m in that neighborhood fairly frequently, there’s some nice shops nearby. I hope all the NY Dopers are okay?

CNN Story:

An explosion, most likely the result of a boiler being repaired, happened in the Kaltech Industries building next to the Apex technical school. 50+ people have been injured, a few seriously. No fatalities reported as yet. Terrorism is not suspected.