Bullet Hole Stickers For Cars - - Gimme A Break!

Would you buy a sticker that looks like a bullet hole and afix it on your car or truck? It’s cheaper then new rims!

They are “SO REAL-LOOKING you have to touch them with your own finger to tell,” says the Web site bullet1.com , which offers vinyl stickers depicting .50-caliber holes and smaller ones that look like they came from a .22.

Victim Rights Foundation says it sends the wrong message to kids today.

What do you think fad or just plain stupid?

My coworker put these on his truck. I have no idea why.

Boys and their toys…

I got some off Ebay, not to put on a car, and gave a few to my dad the joker. He stuck some on the tailgate of a buddies pick up, the guy got pulled over by the police because of them.

Not any stupider than a million aother things out there. I have some on my monitor at work, on the fridge, things like that.

Remember, when fake bullet holes are outlawed, only fake criminals will have them.

I really like the idea of fake bullet holes on the monitor. That, I think, sends the right message to kids … :wink:

Bullet hole stickers have been around since I was a kid growing up in So. California, I remember some clear window decals that looked really cool. I think they send the same message as the pissing kids and the “fish” emblems, that the owner is a brain dead drone. I think stupid fad is what they are.

I used to work with a guy back in the '80s who had a real bullet hole in his CJ-7. (Crossfire in a bad neighbourhood.) It didn’t look like the stickers. (Still, the stickers do look “realistic”.) He put some clear paint over the hole to keep it from rusting.

I was on the ferry from Tsawassen to Nanaimo. I looked down at the motorcycles, and one of them had a helmet on it. There was a bullet hole sticker on the back. It looked good. I thought it would be funny if he had added some red paint.

But no, I would not put one on my vehicle.

I had a real bullet hole in the passenger door of my old Jeep Wagonneer. Didn’t look anything like the stickers.

Pretty silly fad, and probably not a good message to the kiddies, but then, what isn’t now-a-days?

I can’t comment on the stickers themselves, but that guy on the front page? By the red truck? I really want to slap him across the face and shout “get a grip on yourself, man! They’re just stickers!

Stupid is as stupid does…

People will like what they like, people will do what they do. Personally, it’s not my bag, baby, but someone is making them because there is a market.

Really? Strange, I have here in your box a whole passel of fake bullet-hole stickers … and special machine to manufacture fake bullet-hole stickers … and a book titled “Fake Bullet-Hole Stickers: They’re My Bag, Baby” by SanguineSpider …


Okay. What message do you think these stickers are sending? And why is it bad? I don’t see that the stickers are sending any message. They’re just a silly gag.

Well, if kiddies had them on their monitor while playing Grand Theft Auto, now THAT would be okie dokey.

Put some on the TV while they are watching some gangsta videos on MTV.

Don’t try to read too much into it, folks.

They peel off.

I built a race car out of an old 61 Chevy that had 6 bullet holes in it. I left them as is and my car became a favorite of the kids, after the races there would always be a crowd of kids around my car looking at the bullet holes.

I played a joke with a golfing buddy a few years ago. Someone makes a fake golf ball embedded in the windshield sticker. I put it on his brand new Dodge pickup. I didn’t know the f word could be used that many ways in that short of time.

I’ve also seen them with baseballs and tennisballs attached, same kind of thing. The first time I saw one, I was like “WTF?!?”.

Still, fake bullet holes? What are you trying to do? Prove to your homies how cool you are by having ‘fake holes’ in your gangsta-mobile? :curious:


I think the reason folx argue that fake bulletholes send the wrong message is because they’re more than a gag. As CJ suggested, they could also mimic a status symbol of sorts…which is questionable.

Guess I’ll stick to my alumni and charity decals.

Seems a little pointless to me.

I remember stickers with (I think) 4 fake bullet holes in a row being really popular in the early/mid sixties after the first couple of James Bond films… loads of cars had them on their rear windows.

I remember these from the 1970s - I think they might have been Starsky and Hutch branded (?). I had them on my bedroom window.