Bumper Stickers I'd Like To See But Haven't Yet

“Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Buchana…oh, shit.”

“My child is in Solitary at Sing Sing Prison.”

“My other car belongs to my ex-wife.”

Any others?

I think “Ego on board” would be a pretty funny one.

I still plan on making “DARE! To retain your free will!” stickers.

But they’re gonna go on my bumper. :smiley:

“Tits, the Other White Meat”

“Tell your dad I like his car”

“I (picture of screw) your (picture of heart)”

“Honk if you want a finger”

“I (picture of Spade) my wife”

“I blew Clinton and all I got was this lousy cigar”

“Tits, not just for breakfast anymore”

“Got spunk?”

Have you driven a [sub]fnord[/sub] lately?

Jesus Loves My Cat

Nuke a gay whale for Jesus, ya commie pinko bastard!

I want to get vanity plates that say “vanity”

Bumber… Keee-rist, I’ve gotta start spell-checking…

My kid is shagging your honor student

Honk if you hate noise pollution

I drive this because I’m poor, what’s YOUR excuse?

Here you go:

Make yer own bumper stickers!
(Note: This is a pretty cool site!)

Not really in the spirit of the thread but I saw a “Buckle up, it makes it harder for aliens to suck you out of your car” bumper sticker last night.

I would like to see “Dead body in trunk” on a sign similar to the “baby on board” signs.


“Prosecutors will be violated”

In case of rapture…I am screwed.

In case of rapture…I’m stealing YOUR car.

My other ride is your daughter. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what a Euty is.

Actualy available at a local butcher shop: **Salad **is MURDER!!!

“Impeach Bill Gates”

“Fire Angelos” in Orioles colors.