Bully learns what it's like on the other side

I haven’t seen this posted yet so if it’s anywhere else my apologies.

Some little punk in Australia decided to bully another student. A student 4 years older and much bigger. How did it turn out?



As someone who was bullied in school I have zero sympathy for the bully. Do I agree with how the one getting bullied handled the situation? I don’t know, but the kid who got thrown to the ground is going to think twice before he tries that crap again.

ETA: I guess Youtube is taking this video down when it gets posted. Try this link for the video and some background: http://deadspin.com/#!5782089/revenge-of-the-bullied-casey-becomes-an-icon

I suppose it makes me a lesser man to admit I thoroughly enjoyed that.

I was picked on as well and it ended the day I turned on my attacker and pounded him in the face. Once was all that was needed.

The linked article says that both kids were punished. This is absolute fucking bullshit. With such video evidence available why in hell punish the kid who was being tormented? Sometimes a slap across the chops or worse is justified.

I first saw it this morning on fark.com video section. That little punk could have gotten his back or neck broken. I bet he was sore the next day or a few hours later. It gave me a good feeling particularly after I knew the kid was not seriously injured. Just because you are big doesn’t mean you have to take everything that some punk brings. Now the little ones will perform stunts behind the big kid’s back instead.

At work now so can’t see the vid, but why would it even occur to the student to bully someone that much older and bigger?

He’s a big fat kid who I assume is thought of as soft and therefore fair game for the assholes.

I hate violence and I’m the first to say walk away… but then again…I hope it teaches that little shit a lesson.

Yep. I was bigger by height and weight than pretty much every other kid in my grade when I was 12, and that just made me a more enticing target.

Wow. I just… Wow. Kudos to the bigger kid for setting that punk straight, and being man enough to walk away and not take it to the extreme.

Reminds me of when I was in highschool. A guy with a similar attitude as the punk decided he wanted to throw pebbles at my head while we were walking out to the parking lot after school. After I asked him not to several times and he refused, I just turned around, tackled him to the ground, got up and kicked the shit out of him a couple times. He kept his distance and had his buddies do the same after that. :smiley: Good times.

The latest I’ve heard are broken ankle for the skinny chav, and 22 days suspension, 4 days suspension for Our Hero. I support a token punishment on the victor. You have to appear to be against the use of violence to end conflict. But I bet the principal of that school wishes he could let big man off scott free.


LMFAO at that. That little “bully” is lucky that Casey (from the youtube comments, that’s his name) didn’t continue with a little ground-and-pound.

According to the story the bullied kid, Casey, had been bullied for years so it was probably common knowledge that he’s a soft target.

The kid that got slammed in the video just walks up to Casey and says something and then punches him in the face but not vary hard cuz he’s a skinny little guy. Casey just takes it. The slammed kid then tries to hit Casey a couple of more times while Casey just knocks the blows away and then Casey steps forward and tries to grab the kid and they gay hug for a few seconds and then Casey picks him up and drops him on his side and walks away. The slammed kid gets up and stumbles a bit before falling and then the video ends. It looks like the kid s ankle was hurt and he would stumble when he would try to walk on his left foot.

I wasn’t bullied but I did get picked on a bit in middle school by a couple of the cool kids. So when high school started I decided I wouldn’t take it anymore and a few months in to my first semester one the kids from middle school started some shit.

We were in the gym playing volley ball and when I had my back turned a ball hit me in the back. I turned around and the kid with a couple of his buddies were laughing. So I picked up the ball and threw it back and hit the kid in the side of the head. He had to show his friends he weren’t no pussy and started coming at me like he was going to hit me and I thought, “Well if this is going down I may not win but I’m getting in the first punch.” and as soon as he was in range I popped him right in the face and he fell down. At this point his “friends” started laughing and he just got up and walked away. I never got picked on again.

So I say good for Casey.

I’m also ashamed to say I rather enjoyed that payback. That’s what I call a WTF moment for the bully.

Sometimes bullies learn that a particular individual, though stronger, won’t hit back. He likely thought the bigger kid wouldn’t hit back. Sometimes bullies guess wrong and make a very satisfying sound when they hit the ground.

Bolding mine.

I just inhaled a little bit of Coca Cola and laughed so hard I thought I was dieing from this. Thank you.

Not that I have any problem with the fat kid’s reaction, but he’s lucky this didn’t happen in America. Otherwise, the fat kid would have been arrested & expelled, while the skinny brat punk who started it would be treated as if he were the victim, with sympathy from parents and teachers everywhere, and eventually he’d run for Congress.

Probably a WTF moment for Casey too. That’s probably the best way to learn that it’s not that hard to defend yourself.

I also disagree with the suspension for the defender because there is no way in hell anyone should be expected to not defend themselves from a punch in the face by anyone. Two of the hardest hits I have taken were both by people smaller than me, so never underestimate power by looking at size.

Well, when I went to school, the policy was “It takes two to fight”, so (in theory) both would be punished equally and both would officially be bullies in the eyes of the school.

We certainly can’t have teachers worrying their little heads over things like causality and social dynamics, now can we?

How to deal with bullies? The Family Circus has already covered that

Unfortunately I have a son who had a felony indictment before he was 12 who can be a cite for your outwardly ridiculous sentiment. I’m quite ambivalent about teachers. Sure they work hard under sometimes rotten conditions, but for FFFF sake how much judgment does it really take to figure out which kid is the bully and which kid just couldn’t take it anymore?

It looks to me like the whole thing is a set-up. The videotaping is clearly not coincidental. And the punk has friends who egg him on and step in after the big kid has bodyslammed the little shit and is looking at him dispassionately, not even deigning to ask if he wants anymore.

In other words, the bullies were laying in wait. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Especially since it’s a GIRL! who comes along and shoos them away.