Bunker full of 1,000 bikes. WTF?


This is the strangest thing I’ve ever read. Homeless encampment with an underground bunker full of 1,000 bikes. :confused:

There has got to be a good story behind this. One incredibly prolific thief? An organized gang? I mean, really. WTF?

And to what end? :confused:

The world is strange, man.

I’d guess a compulsive hoarder fixated on bikes.

He must have taken every abandoned bike he came across. Stole some too.

When the apocalypse comes, you can never have too many bikes. Or cats.

Some crooked bike store owner giving some homeless people beer money for every bike taken out of circulation.

I’m wondering if there was some guy in the encampment who’d walk somewhere every day, and when it was time to come home he’d steal a bike.

Well? Where do YOU store your thousand bikes?

Now I’m imagining cats riding bicycles. Don’t ask me how. Short legs are a curse.

The homeless encampment was along an urban river/bike trail. There was a thread of vegetation along the concrete bedded river and apartments and houses surrounding. They found a drainage tunnel to store them. Someone else had dug a burrow big enough for a man to stand up in. There they found a 367 magnum. This was the homeless version of organized crime.

Only, cats tend to ride invisible bicycles.

There are exceptions.

Clearly preparing to battle forces of enemy knights like in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

Did the homeless camp have a lot of fat-bottom girls?

Pfft. That’s pretty good, but he’s no Igor Kenk

Homeless? Check
Fat? Check
Girls? Check
Hot fat-bottomed girls? Doubtful :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, they were planning to hold a bicycle race on Freddie Mercury’s birthday. :smiley:

If I take the train to work, I ride past a fneced lot with about that many bikes. No real idea, but I assume they are part of some kind of recycling scheme.

And a smaller lot in Tokyo, where I thought that perhaps it was an impounded vehicle lot (since disposal is difficult in Tokyo, residents some times resort to abandoment).

Reminds me of the Burning Man bikeocalypse

Maybe they only appeared homeless.

Hey! Burning Man attendees don’t look homeless!
They look post-apocalyptic

I wonder if anyone knows where their spokesman is.

Putting these two ideas together, the find of 1,000 bicycles was interesting in a fun way.

The impending find of the remains of the 1,000 freshly mugged and killed former bike owners will be interesting in an un-fun way.

LA. Keepin’ it strange since before I lived there.

Just to be clear, this was not L.A., but Orange County, which probably explains a lot.