Burger King Chicken Fries advert

Has anyone seen it? Rock band wearing bizarre bird masks. The Burger King bobble-head at the end was creepy. I think I want one.

BTW, does anyone remember when the Burger King character was new? Man, he’s still got that '70s vibe going!

Isn’t the weird/creepy Burger King a new image? Back in the 1970’s they had a cartoon Burger King to go along with their advertising (“Burger king — Where Kids are King!”). In the 1960’s they had a different, but still very cartoony King. You could see him up in neon on the Burger King signs. I don’t recall seeing the current creepy King until the past couple of months.

I agree with CalMeacham. The life-sized, plastic-faced Burger King is something that I can’t remember having seen until quite recently. The old image of the Burger King was a little cartoon guy.

Maybe it’s a false memory. I thought there was a live-action actor in the mid-'70s.

This was one of the most bizarre commercials I’ve ever seen – General weirdness coupled with pretty blatant sexual references – “Coq Rock” – a hottie eating a french fry in a very suggestive manner.

The story behind the Burger King head is actually kinda cool. Here’s an article about it. Basically, a guy at an ad agency found it for sale on Ebay and decided to use it in the ad campaign. There was a Burger King character from the Seventies but he didn’t wear the gigantic head. The head currently being used was actually designed to fit atop a helium conister so the ballons could be filled through the mouth.

There was a live-action Burger King in the 70s, of whom the new mardi Gras-like BK is a hideous take-off.

WTF is a chicken fry anyway?

Maybe it’s something along the lines of a “calf fry” or “lamb fry”.

A chicken fry is a thin strip of boneless chicken (possibly chickenless too :smiley: ), fried like a french fry. It looks like a thick, lumpy, thinly breaded french fry.

They aren’t too bad, but not worth the money IMO.

(Dreaming about fried lamb… that HAS to be good!)

It looks like it more or less the same thing as a chicken finger or a chicken strip or a chicken nugget – battered, deep-fried pieces of boneless chicken.

Well, technically, I suppose lamb fries are fried lamb …

Just a very specific part of the anatomy of the lamb. And no, I’ve never tried them.

Hmm. Considering what “lamb fries” and “calf fries” are, I am starting to feel a bit odd about “French fries.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh,… I had no idea that there was such a thing. Having had a “Rocky Mtn Oyster”, I’ll take a pass on the Lamb & Calf fries. :eek:

I was more thinking chicken fried lamb, or chicken fried calf, or any “other” part of the animal… fried.)

Yeah a real guy who was actually a respected young stage magician. I have an old magic newsletter that interviews him about being a mascot how he was trying to bring more magic into the character… something McDonalds had done (or was about to do?) with Ronald.

Chicken fries are basically chicken tenders in a shape for grownups. They do come in a cool box that has a sauce holder, though.

The Kreepy King is just so disturbing. Yet, I can’t look away. It freaks me out.

Coq Roq, to be precise. That’s funny enough for me to try these chicken fries at least once.